Hey Everyone.....

farting in the anti-sherdog forum is a bannable offence.

Consider this a warning.
You're warning ME?

no no no no no... Consider this MY warning to YOU...

Trust me, you'll thank me for warning you
This is my first thread!!

Stop post whoring on my thread!!!!!

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
foolish boy
Damn you Hacker... Using me to earn your Yellow Belt!!!

Do something Mods!!!

dj you've got to stop comming in here and to think jim's first thread had such promise untill you jerked off all over it. pay backs are a biacht. just wait till you start a thread about something that has a special meaning to you as jimpanzee tried to put all his hart into this thread.
Trust me it wasnt heart. It was supposed to be a warning to all.

A warning DJ Hacker decided not to take.

He whored all over my first thread, I feel so violated.

i'm sorry jim but somtimes people are just plain mean.:mad:
maybe you could start over and we'll all pretend this thread never happened.:)
Nah... Unlike SOME people *cough* HACKER *cough* I will not whore myself.

But maybe next time I have beans, I will start another thread like this. But until then, it is safe to breathe.
Don't worry about Dj_Hacker JIMPANZEE. Me and Art will take care of Dj for you.;)
No its ok, as much as I appreciate it, I need to fight my own battles.

I need to know if my Joe Son Do training has paid off. I plan to totally destroy his knuckles with my iron nuts.

Wait and see..


If you dont know what I am laughing at then just look at me weirdly.

Blah to hell with it. To all you slow peepz out there, DJ Hacker is once again a n00b!!


congrats to you jimpanzee. way to give him the old one - two.
I couldnt have done it without my Joe Son Do and SAFTA training.

Hey Art, why not name a martial arts after yourself like Joe Son.

Art San Do... I'll take lessons.
well it just wouldn't have the cult follow that joe's got. that and the thong thingy i just don't think i've got the balls to wear one in the fight. get it balls ahahahahahahahhahahahah.
Yes, and I am having a ball with that little joke you made.

get it, ball?