Heroically Statured (2XL) Rash Guards


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Nov 15, 2005
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Well, I'm in a shopping mood, but I'm having a hard time finding a XXL rash guard. I'm currently using a black under armour short sleeve, and it's, eh, alright. I've also got a white one, but it's really, really transparent once I work up a good sweat, and I've got dark chest hair, so it's not the prettiest of pictures in the world.... :eek:

I'll be doing a compeitition in March wearing a gi, and I'd like to find a few rash guards that work for a bigger guy. Also, I'm consider the no gi, and I don't want to have the Michelin Man experience I recently read about.

I'd read a review of a rash guard recently that had a little higher collar for some neck protection, but IIRC it didn't come in XXL. So, for the bigger guys out there, what are you doing for rash guards?

XFGear is the place to look. Sprawl also has loose fit rashguards up to XXL. XFGear though can do custom printing and sizes.
talk to Paul at XFGear, he has made custom sizes before and it's not going to cost you out the butt.
it cost me 15 extra bucks for a custome size and for a custom graphic
Gothic_Coop said:
2XL is not Heroically Statured. 3XL to 4XL is.

lol, maybe that is "Super" Heroically Statured :wink:
3XL is cut off point for Heroically Statured.

Hero's have to have their standards
I look at it like this, SHW's are people who have hard to find clothing sizes. Usually 44 and up XXXL +. I don't necessarily look at weight because like myself people can have wide hips and not a big ol stomach and are very tall.
and the Villian who DEFEATS them, Phen
As long as it makes me look sexy, and I NEVER lose! :p