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im gunna try out for wrestling in one month. Someone give a me REASONABLE diet / workout. PLEASE!

im running about 3 miles a day and can only work out a maximum of about 2 hr plz help thx again.
Whatever you do, make sure that you do both aerobic AND anaerobic exercises. Running 3 miles, even at a quick pace is NOT enough if you want to make it. Make sure you work in some sprinting intervals or do maximum effort intervals on a bike at gym...or both. Seriously, you can run all of the long distance that you want, but that is only half of it. Wrestling is very much so an anaerobic sport...that's why the sprinting and maximum effort stuff will be vital to you not gassing/pooping out too soon. Make sure you mix it up in your routine; do both aerobic AND anaerobic. haha, I can't stress it enough.

I would also recommend to focus on body-weight exercises moreso than weights, but THAT, is merely a personal preference. To me, it is no surprise that the best fighter in MMA right now (Fedor) is not a weight lifter... but to each his own. I would recommend dips, pushups, hand-stand pushups against a wall, and last but not least, pullups. For legs, doing lunges (with or without weight) is great for wrestling, and also doing some explosive jump squats (without weight) would be a big helper. Also, just a thought, maybe start training grip, as grip strength is vital in any grappling.

Eating/dieting...well, that all much do you weigh now? If you are a heavy weight, your "diet" will probably be quite a bit different than that of a 155 pounder...hope this helped a lil'.
JackDaniels said:
best work out for wrestling is to wrestle. End of thread.

Quoted for truth. In wrestling you truly utilize your whole body, no way to prepare for it other than to just do it. Also, just because you're in good cardiovascular shape (run 5 miles a day, etc.) that doesn't necessarily equate to good wrestling shape.
Wrestling, due to its quick rounds, has been described as an anarobic activity. However, the sport requires a huge expenditure of energy and so simply lifting weights will not make you better at wrestling. Strength is a huge concern, but explosiveness more so. If I were you, I would train high-intensity intervals (h.i.i.t) which would condition your body to operate more optimally under the "burst-rest-burst" conditioning that all grappling arts require.

Wind sprints, plyometrics are a good idea for hiit cardio
Running and biking are a good idea for normal cardio (biking especially because it conditions your legs to remain in a croutched position)
Weight lifting and calesthenics for strength and muscular endurance.

Good luck mate.
jackdaniels is utterly correct. the only way to get in shape for wrestling is to wrestle live as long as you can. do three man groupds. one and two wrestle for a minute. one wrestles three for a minute. two wrestles three for a minute. rotate ttwo people per set. just like that. then u can also do 15 minute flow matches where u wrestle hard but let each other work on moves at the same time. you just need to get on the mat and feel how hard it is.