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Jan 3, 2006
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Hello everyone. I am having trouble with my triangle. I actually have trouble with a few others, but this one frustrates me the most agains one guy. On guys my size or less I have no problem controling and finishing the submission. Here is what happens with this other guy.

I stuff his hand through, and a kick my leg high over his shoulder. He postures, and I grab his head to keep him down to adjust legs. As I grab his head, he passes to side. Everytime this is the outcome.
Get your hips up and ass off the ground. Squeeze your thighs together. Work those adductors.
I heard about those adductors. I have been squeezing a medicine ball between my knees while watching instructionals.
Remember to have a good angle and not be straight on. Also make sure your leg is on the same line as his shoulders. Alot of people just kind of throw the leg over the shoulder and angle it down to the hips and have problems with controling.
As soon as you jump rope his arm with the leg that's going to be put across the back of his neck, grab your shin (close to your ankle) and keep pulling down (and simultaneously pushing down with that leg) while you are readjusting your angles. It works better than trying to pull his head down.
You are letting him posture up too much.

Keep pulling the head down and rotating to the side to tighten the lock.

Once he has posture, and if his arm cannot be armbarred because he has it bent and grabbing the pant, you should start thinking about abandoning the triangle. Cause otherwise you gonna get passed.
My triangle is one of my better submissions, however my triangle escape is not so hot. :(
instead of sticking with the triangle when they posture up, you should consider switching off to an omoplata on the trapped arm
instead of sticking with the triangle when they posture up, you should consider switching off to an omoplata on the trapped arm

Wouldnt an armbar be a better bet than an umaplata -.-'
i'm only a white belt so what would i know but.....

i'd shif the arm to the oppersite side of your body and transition into the armbar with high hip posision
he is bating you. this is one of my favorite guard passes. by keeping the arm-in at his hip/side, it makes it almost impossible for you to lock on the triangle, keep control of that arm and keep his posture down
Slightly OT, but I just got my first triangle today (about 45 minutes ago) :) Obviously I can't contribute much to this conversation, I'm just happy that an inflexible lug like me managed it. And it was fun.
timing is also very important. try telling your opponent the sub that your going for before you roll with him. the fact that he knows what your going for will make it harder to lock it in, but will help you out with understanding when the best moment is to acheive the angle you need.

it's much easier to defend a sub if you know when and what your opponent is going for. this drill should help you to camaflauge your intentions a little better so he has less time to react when you haven't specified a sub before rolling.
I also have a problem, that the people while I'm looking up my triangle, walk in a roational angle and until my leg slips out and they've passed to side control? How do I prevent this from happening? I realize I probably need to tighten up my leg thats going across his neck like in the rener gracie video, but while I have the triangle setup position that pass usually owns me. So anyone know how to counter that?