Help: Started lifting.... allways tired /exausted

Mike Oxendeep

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Jun 30, 2003
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SO about 2 weeks ago I started lifting daily, pretty hard. I;ve never really lifted before. I do about an 1.5 mile run warm-up, then one hour lift: (7-10) excersizes @ 3 sets each of 1 or 2 areas a day (i.e. sholders/back..legs/bicepts). I also take creatine and protein drinks 2 a day.
My qiestion is this: I have just felt exausted for days now. I can fall asleep standing up. In the past I've done cardio workouts often -- run 3 miles and bike or swim daily, and my energy levels actually go way up.

Why am I so exausted now? Is it from creatine / supplements. Is it from lifting itself? ANyone else have this experience and does it trail off?

how much sleep do you get a night?

whats your diet look like?

7-10 exercises sounds like a lot of volume
i think since you have not lifted before you should not be taking suppliments for gaining strength quite yet, protein is ok. concentrate on a few lifts and get the technique down (bench, squat, basic stuff), i wouldnt go everyday, i wouldnt run 1.5 miles before every workout that is why you are so tired, if i was you i would not lift longer that 30 min per session. i have been lifting and involved in contact/combat sports my entire life (23 years old now) and i cannot have a high quality workout in the weight room that lasts much longer than an hour. so go pretty light, get 10-12 reps per set, try to perfect your form, dont worry about how much johnny benchpress is lifting, get out of there if you dont have any energy, and use the search function for a beginner workout plan
Lifting can drain you physically an mentally, and doing 7-10 exercises every single day sounds a lot like overtraining.
from the sound of it you need to read the stickies.
Decrease your lifting time, look up to see what kind of rep/range you want to be at depending on your goals. Then you might also want to try to do your 1.5 miles after doing the weights instead of before. If all fails look into your diet you might not be getting enough carbs or try an energy suppliment plenty out there although I am unsure of which are the best.
oh yeah and get lots of sleep, my life consist of working and working out and I had to increase my sleep time to atleast 6 hours a night and now i have no time for other things but my energy is way up and I don't fall asleep at work anymore. It sucks not having time for extra shit but hey the only thing I truely miss is my late night poosee fix but owell had to cut down to weekends only.
Sounds like you're burning out to me. like you went from no activity to enough activity to kill a soccer mom. There's no need to lift more than three time a week for most people. Read the stickies, put together a real routine.
You are sooooooooooo training to sprint when you can't even stand. Yet i've been there myself so as painful as it is to read your overzealous program...start by taking a deep breath and deciding to become a student of training, of the body, of yourself... and answering a few questions for yourself;
Who are you?
What are you goals?
Who do you want to become?
Why do you train?
What do you enjoy doing?
Training should be about enhancing your life. Its just not humanly possible to enter a strength contest, run a marathon, fight in MMA, go to schoo/work, watch Seinfeld, all in the same week...
Think about these things. Once you learn to train correctly you'll see how a minimum of sacrafice makes incredible changes.
I'm going to put together my "sandbag" this weekend and start doing some power movements in place of weight training 1-2x a week just to switch things up. I have found that working out though is more about achieving goals, its about learning about yourself and what you can do...truth is if you know how to train you can get in shape in a closet (although it might get alittle stuffy in there). And once you learn how your body works adding new training methods is a joy...ok i gotta calm down alittle...Training legs the way...after doing squats the last thing on my mind is working the biceps! Baby steps buddy...thats the key to sticking with it.