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HELP knees

Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning Discussion' started by Dave321, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. Dave321 Guest

    Hi. I just started running. Pretty short distances because im very out of shape. I got home today and my knees are killing me. When i extend my left Knee it makes alot of noices/pops. Is this something to worry about or just being out of shape? Thx again
  2. Brandinho Guest

    Are you stretching properly? Are you warming up before stretching? Are you using proper running techniques? Is your footwear of good quality and proper fitting? Are you wearing quality inserts? What type of surface are you running on?

    Do your best to answer these and I will get back to you tomorrow. If the pain is continuous, stay off the feet until you see a sports physical therapist on referral from your doctor.
  3. Vilo Magee Brown Belt Professional Fighter

    Nov 9, 2004
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    done with this place
    It might be your shoes. I buy a new pair of running shoes every 3months because if you run enough the padding/air or whhatever gets compacted. Every 3 months may seem like alot but when you run 30 to 40 mile sper week that adds up fast.
  4. SKD Blue Belt

    Aug 9, 2003
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    Melbourne, Australia
    www.runnersworld.com might help you

    As boomstick said, I've read that you should change every 300-400 miles.

    Could be your feet itself, feet with high arches, or flat feet, have more problems.
  5. GCSD Fighter Red Belt

    May 28, 2005
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    Elliptical Cross Trainer is the way forward my friend. I have had similar probs, but not since I bought a NordicTrac!

    Edit: Glucosamine and readjusting weight distrbution help too. It's amazing that many of us stop walkng properly and adapt a walk that damages our bodies.
  6. Dave321 Guest

    thx for the advice guys. To the first question i forgot to stretch, warming up before stretching?, non existant running techinque, and on run on pavement. OK shoes though :). Yea im a dumbass all that stuff probably explains it. Im just trying to get in shape to try out for wrestling (we have a shit program so nearly anyone can get in). Although im confident I can get in i wanted be in shape to dominate. Advice we be appreciated on running techinque etc thx ALOT
  7. Brandinho Guest

    Warming up prior to stretching, yes. You need to have warm muscles prior to your pulling on them. I usually go for a 5 minute jog around the neighborhood or lightly skip rope. It doesn't have to be hard core, just something to warm the muscles.

    Try to avoid running on hard surfaces. Always take asphalt over concrete because it is slightly better. Run on the sand, track, trails, beach, etc. if you have the chance. That is a big relief on your knees. Good quality inserts are a plus. Most people just use the shit inserts that come with the shoe. Toss those fuckers. Most physical therapists will tell you the same thing. Try a pair of Sorbathane or SuperFeet, found in running stores.

    And finally, look into joining a local track club. Mine is only $30/year and offers world class training several times a week. Plus they hold events and fun runs. The coaches tailor workouts to your goals and needs.

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