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Bruce Lovely

My name is Helen Hunt, and I have severe droop eye.

Here's a picture of me as a child....


Growing up was tough. Especially when dad started hitting me in the face with a shovel. I recall one week when he beat me so hard he knocked my front tooth out.


Or the time when he called me frog girl and hit me in the left eye. I couldn't see out of it for weeks, but that didn't stop him from touching me in the no no spot.


Here's me now...


Now that I'm famous, I cake on the makeup and do my best to look good. Unfortunately, everyone can still see my hideous ugly, droop eyed face.


I love you all!

~Helen Hunt~
Damn, i remember you... you were that bitch who stole my virginty! :mad:
Look at these boobies, Lovely. Then tell me what you think of Helen.

For some reason, I don't think this is funny.
MMA Trainer....Those tits? they're small, they are sagging slightly, and they're on Chewbacca.
Yumm Yumm.....

I would love to hear one of them scream....
joevandal.....would you use the handle side for speed or the metal side for power?
Metal side for power. I have strong forearms so I wouldn't lose much speed.
i think helen hunt is hot, more of that milf kinda hot than anything else.
I think Helen's Hunt is bloody horrible, she should be groped by a pack of hungry wolves.......She's annoying.. how's her silly voice.....
Bruce, I love you and all, but you are going to rell for that.
I've been to rell and back.

Its not all its cut out to be.
Originally posted by Bruce Lovely
I've been to rell and back.

Its not all its cut out to be.
Thank you for the report. I have lived each day of my life with the overhanging fear that if I pleasured myself or lusted after my neighbors wife I would go to rell for all eternity. It didn't stop me, but the fear was real just the same.