Hello Again Everyone.....except....


Bruce Lovely

...Money. Fuck you Money you goddamn fucking :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:. You are one of those people that everyone is talking about that they fucking hate. Go eat your granola and sit under a tree you pathetic piece of shit. I have nothing else to say to you right now, I'm too busy MAKING SOMETHING OF MYSELF.

And to the rest here...How are we all doing? I've made it to Hopkins and I'm getting settled in. I'm on the med school campus right now, and no more than a few hours ago I wandered through the Johns Hopkins ER.....which was awesome to say the least. I also peed in a sink on my first day here.

Hokuto (I hope I got that right), you said you are here at Hopkins, right? Do you train at all around here, and is it possible that I could get involved?

I have to go now.....in T - 15 minutes we go see the cadavers for the first time.

Money, eat my ass.

Everyone else.....peace out.

From the razor-wire filled city of Baltimore.....

Bruce Lovely
Originally posted by Bruce Lovely

I have to go now.....in T - 15 minutes we go see the cadavers for the first time.

I've always wanted a Jivaro-style Tsantsa. What's the chances of you making me one? Or a hand in a jar. That would be cool too.
Sup Bruce. Good to hear about things going well.

Slice some dead people open for me.
Hopkins eh? Good school, shite city. Where you staying at? I'll come train with you in August when I go home to DC.
ill take bruce on the over and even give you odds money.
Hey Bruce,

Yeah, I'm here at Hopkins. I drive all the way to Rockville to train though (close to DC). I train BJJ at Yamasaki academy. Hayliks also trains down there when he's in school (I give him rides down there). When you said training what did you have in mind?

I'm actually a graduate student so I don't get to see cadavers that often- just mice and cells. I did get to see the ER once though. I heard they get about 300 GSWs a year, so you'll get to see about one per day. They don't have a trauma center, so most of those cases go to U. of M. but that's still a shitload of GSWs. Welcome to Baltimore- capitol of STDs. Stay away from the hoes (some parts of East Baltimore have 60% incidence)

I got some friends in the organ bank, so we'll probably run across each other sometime. I'm not hard to recognize- I'm the shaking, stuttering nip. See ya around campus
Hakuto....actually, your description makes you very hard to recognize. Anyway, if you are a grad student, are you at the Homewood campus? When I say training, I mean like getting some new competition and rolling jiu jitsu. Let me know if it is possible. They're keeping us really busy (as expected) so weekends are really the best time.

Money....You know, people who go to Hopkins typically are not the med school drop outs, and I'm glad you're basing your judgement on what I write on a message board on. I'm also glad that you're going to be a millionaire because that is clearly your only goal in life (based on what I have read here). You have named yourself "Money", you talk about money, and you judge people based on money....I take it you have a business? Enjoy yourself on your quest to be the best you can be........financially at the very least. I'll be trying to make the most of everything while you let the dollar control you, you pathetic pillow-biting bitch. Why don't you go sit on a hard one, while I go do my thing. Also, (since you can't read properly) I'm not anti-America despite what you read out of my posts. I simply told some truths that YOU don't like. I'm sorry if my philosophies don't correlate to your business/money driven lifestyle. And once again, you can eat my ass with a spork.

The cadaver was pretty cool. No pukers though, which was a disappointment.

Also, on the shuttle back to campus we passed about fifteen cops armed with shotguns clearing out a parking lot obviously trying to find someone. The cops were running, which means a.) free donuts somewhere or b.) there was a real emergency.

Peace out brothers.
Money is the sort of guy whose girlfriend we would seek out to go and fuck just to spite him.

I love to take you arrogant fockers down a notch.


- The Jake
Unfortunately in this case I think we'd have to fuck a GUY in the cornhole to spite him....
Originally posted by Bruce Lovely
Unfortunately in this case I think we'd have to fuck a GUY in the cornhole to spite him....

OUCH - double whammy below the belt.

- The Jake
Hey I almost read that until I realised you didn't realise how to use the ENTER key on your keyboard.

You made me load this thread to read what you read you heartless bastard! I want those 30 seconds back!


- The Jake
Hope your enjoying things Bruce.
Money, hope business is well.
Jake, Cheers.
Erick Draven, It cant rain all the time.
And hello to all the rest of ya.
Money -

I'm sorry man. I can appreciate the pursuit of money to better ones lot in life, I'm actually friends with a couple of self-made millionaires. But both of those guys I like for one simple reason - they know that the money doesn't make them a better person.

Your posts really show an arrogance that the money does make you a better person and it's fucking disgusting. Maybe I have totally misread you or your posts and if I have I apologise. But if I haven't, then I make no apologies for anything that I've said.

In the words of Tyler Durden:

- The Jake
Money wont make you a beautiful and unique snowflake. Posting on sherdog on the other hand....

I'm at the medical campus (Ross Building). Yeah, I just started BJJ 6 weeks ago so I'm still a scrub, but I would love to train. I'm trying to get some friends involved and find a place. We were thinking Homewood gym (free for all med and grad students) because it's nice and they have some multi-purpose rooms with mats and also because Cooley kinda sucks. June is an odd time to start- what program are you in?

If you want to check out Yamasaki's, they have a trial deal where you can take 3 classes for $20. A lot of people there and the skill level is pretty high.