Hector Lombard should be 2-0 in the UFC right now


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May 15, 2012
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Sad, that it took a 50 percent healthy Hector with a broken sternum eating measly leg kicks from Boetch tO rob him of the decision of that night. Say what you will, but Boetch made the fight equally if not more boring than Hector did. At least Hector dropped him with a toe kick to the liver lol.

Anyhow, as most of you doubters thought Hector would get KneeBAHHHHHed tonight and thought his previous run in bellator was just a fluke, well U GUESSED WRONG. HECTOR IS HERE TO STAY, AND HE BEATS ANY MW NOT NAMED SILVA.



Shouldn't have fought with a broken sternum then.
He looked like shit the first fight regardless of who won it. Terrible performance.

Good to see him loosen up and get pumped tonight though. Looking forward to seeing him again.
well, the thing is he does have a loss.

jones has a loss as well.

gotta deal with it.

and that's the truth, with some cheese on it!
Botesch beat Lombard, and is on his way to a title shot. Lombard is good, but he still lost that fight.

Oh, and saying he beats any middleweight besides Anderson is stupid, he is not some kind of second coming of Christ, he is just a solid fighter.
Like Lombard a lot great win!
Well he did look like shit in his first fight, not every one follows Bellator you know?

Good win for him, but Lombard nuthugger/Bellator nuthuggers are always so annoying.
It's his own fault he lost that fight.

1-1 is fine.
Boetsch barely laid a finger on him, atleast Hector actually hurt Boetsch on multiple occasions and landed more strikes, dunno wtf fight metric were smokin when they scored that.
i think this thread is a very well thought out troll job to get me to watch that horrible fight between boetsch and lombard, but in all seriousness, 1-1 is more than fair
If he was 1-0 he wouldn't have fought Palhares. He's a beast though and this fight went exactly how I expected it to. Definitely thought he beat Boestch in what was the worst fight ever.