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Heavy singles to 5 x 5 and subsequent questions

Discussion in 'Strength & Conditioning Discussion' started by Apple Monarchy, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. Apple Monarchy White Belt

    Jan 2, 2009
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    Disclaimer: Skip to bottom for questions if you do not wish to read the full post.

    Slightly relevant background info:

    I started out with a few months of Starting Strength, then did a lot of work with heavier singles. Used WSB template for the better part of a year and a few months of 5/3/1 before shoulder issues derailed a lot of upper body work. My total is currently a numerically convienent 1000lbs via 315, 225, and 460. Shoulder remains a bit of a bother and cannot do press or chins as deadhang causes shoulder some pain. Dips, all rows, as well as bench press is fine.

    I have recently begin the madcow 5 x 5 program after realizing a few things; I have gained 5lbs in a year, my singles are much better than my rep records, and I just need to get overall stronger. I have used my beltless records as starting maxes and will not be using a belt at all. I have been inspired by recent KK, Misha, etc. videos of beltless lifting. I don't want to do a ton of accessory work, just want to keep it simple with the big lifts and get back to the basics while developing a better strength foundation.

    1. What should I substitute day 2 press with? In week 1, I did 4 x 15 x bw dips. BW dips sufficient for this day?

    2. I am hurting with the required reps in squat and deadlift, particularily with the deadlift as it is the lift I did heavy singles the most with. Beltless record is 405, should I lower that down for the program or just stick it out as I will get better with higher rep sets?

  2. PCP Guest

    Sounds like you had no idea how to train "Westside". It's a training philosophy not a program. You are likely not better with singles than reps, and even if you were, why would that be a problem? Why are you trying to be like Misha or Konstantinov? Even if you train exactly like them, you are not on 2 grams/week of testosterone, so you won't make their progress.

    I don't like Madcow 5x5 because the original routine by Starr did not include deadlifts. Training the deadlift at the frequency recommended in "Madcow 5x5" will most likely result in bad progress on the deadlift.

    I also think you will get hurt at some point if you insist on training near maximal weights without a belt (watch me get flamed for this).
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  3. Apple Monarchy White Belt

    Jan 2, 2009
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    Thank you for the reply.

    When training Westside I worked up to ME day for squat/deadlift variation, followed by accessory work, usually hamstrings as focal point which helped bring up deadlift considerably. ME Bench variation followed by accessory work, usually shoulder work dominated this as they have always been a weak point. Did either RE squats or 20 rep for other lower day, followed by RE bench press or weighted or bodyweight dips on 4th day. That was my week in summary. This was for about 7 months I believe.

    I am not "trying to be" Misha or KK, just wish to do some beltless training for a while is all. Those guys are so darn strong and I feel I am getting rather belt reliant. Your guess on their drug regime is irrelevant to my post and, for wasting my time, I have sent a contracted killer to your home to murder your family in a complex and foolproof barbeque "accident" and also claim any livestock you may own. You have 6 hours to apologize.

    Under 5/3/1 I brought my deadlift from 440 - 455 in 3 months while pulling each week. Only time will tell if doing the same with a 5 x 5 program will result in bad progress.

    Thanks for the reply, once again.
  4. PCP Guest

    Sounds like you don't need help

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