Healing Broken Bones



I broke my toe in bjj and want to get back into it as soonas possible. Does anyone know any stratagies that will help me heal faster. Like, mabe there is certain food I can eat to speed up the healing process? etc. please help
Don't smoke. Get adequate calcium intake. See a professional who knows what he/she is talking about.
Good advice so far, but I would like to mention that dark leafy greens such as spinache are aboutt he best source of calcium from what I hear. They are better than milk and their calcium is absorbed better.

Don't walk on it too early if your doc says not too, that will probably hurt the healing. I cannot think of anything else to recomend right now. Oh, maybe cut back on the dark cola's for a while. I was told to avoid them when I was healing from stress fractures in my legs.