HBO Tripleheader: Pavlik-Lockett, De Leon-Lopez, Lee-Rubio

I don't want to pay ppv prices for a Pavlik/Lockett match up.
But, I can't see HBO airing three fights if it's not ppv.

But, Pavlik and Lee would be worth it.
Not quite the British guy I was hoping to see Pavlik beat down but if you want to keep your titles and unify them all then you have to fight your mandatories, so I have no problem with this fight. Just a part of boxing.
Right on, Kelly hopefully gets his 30ith KO.
I always like watching De Leon, and Ive heard great things about Lee.
Good stuff if it happens.
I don't think it's says HBO World Championship Boxing...that's just regular ol' HBO.
great news. Good night of fights and it appears to be free.
HBO has been on a roll. Not only are we getting excellent fights, but many of them have been free. Casamayor-Katsidis, Cotto-Gomez and now Pavlik-Lockett are all free coming up.
not the opponent i wanted but i'll damn sure be watching. Thanks HBO, more free ones!
gary WHO, damn thats not even a top 20 guy,wbo rankings are weird,hell if I fight a bunch of cans and stay undeafeated I could get a shot too by their standers
shitty shows on HBO means better fights for us on HBO.

HBO lost another great show Sunday night so I think Floyd-Cotto should be on HBO because of this. :)
Wait am I stupid and its not Ponce De Leon, or Andy Lee? Boxrec shows other fights for them.
Pavlik picked the right Team Calzaghe member to fight. He don't want none of Joe.
How bad is this Locket guy, he has a real inflated record, but maybe he'll give it a decent go for a few months.