Have you ever sparred with a pro?


Nov 9, 2012
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Sparred this guy recently:

I had a pretty big weight/height advantage but he completely dominated me, he's been boxing since he was 11 and I've never seen anyone move that fast and compact, every combination he threw was fluid and precise. It was like nothing I've ever experienced before
There was a thread about this in here recently, anyone recall the title of it? Something about best sparring partners you've ever faced...
Excellent work.
I tend to spar with the pro's from my gym when their not training for fights they tend to go easy on me so it's not too bad :wink:
It's always been a great learning experience any time I've sparred with pros. Do it as often as you can even if you have no fight aspirations.
chris lytle is my favorite. i have rolled with miguel torres and trained with matt mitrione, jake o'brian, shamar bailey ect... at IFA
I used to spar this guy who fought pro nearly every class. I guess they thought I had a good chin so they would pair me with him, and I was one of the few kickers at my gym even though I was a novice. Really helped me improve fast.
i spar with Kenny Robertson sometimes when he comes into the gym, hes fought in the ufc twice his last fight against aaron simpson and his first against mike pierce
Couple times against an actual pro (one guy). He has about 30 lbs on me. Not even a "good" pro... record like 5-7 or something like that. His striking was so fast I was like F this lets go to the ground... then I was instantly put in a darce haha
The thing about bad records is they don't really show what a guy is capable of.
The guy I am talking about mostly has conditioning issues IMO. So just sparring a round here and there he is an absolute beast.
The thing about bad records is they don't really show what a guy is capable of.

David Loiseau is one of the greathest humain being I've seen spar. He's always 100%. Also only guy I even seen grind his shins on a concrete dust bag. A true world destroyer if he could only redo what he did on sparring partner. On fight night... same issues as Andrei Arlovski.
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Donald Cerrone was probably one of my favorites to spar against. He's really quick and knows how to mix it up. Just letting him beat on you for a while is good learning experience.

Coke Chunhawat was another fun one. He just has so much experience and will make you laugh during sparring. Which is fun, but sucks at the same time because you will be laughing and eat a jab or something.

I've sparred a ton of other Thai/ MMA guys, a few girls, but those are probably the 2 most memorable.
well I live and train in Thailand so all of my sparring partners are pro's but if we're only looking at bigger I would (from the top of my head) say Bovy Sor Udomson, Watcharachai Kaewsamrit, Kawkla Kaewsamrit, Naka Kaewsamrit, Seeui Kwaithong Gym, Palangphon Watcharachai Gym.

I've rolled with some great MMA fighters too like Ninja Rua, Elvis Sinosic and Guy Mezger.