Has there ever been a fight

silva vs leben i think
edit:eek:r maybe silva landed 100% strike rate
Matt riddle did miss like 90% of his punches in one of his fights, i did laught alot on that fight

Gilbert Yvel vs Gary Goodridge


Mark Weir vs Eugene Jackson
Most of the super fast KOs

I think he means fights that lasted longer than a round.

T.S. check out the now classic Royce Gracie vs. Dan Severn.

Please make sure that you don't watch either of Dan's first two fights prior to his third against Royce. It make the third that much more realistic when you can watch 15+ minutes of total control without so much as faking an attempt at a strike, if you don't see his ground and pound in his first and second pro fights that same evening!

I could easily be wrong, but Severn vs. Shamrock 2 might have been a total of zero strikes for both of them.
dhk vs paulo thiago? lol


I don't know if it counts but, TUF season 16: that canadian douchebag who thought he was best pals with Ricci, versus that other douchebag that the mohawk douchebag kept having beef with. If i recall correctly only 1 punch or so was thrown overall for 3 rounds.
It was after that fight Dana went to the house and told them to step it up if anyone of them wanted to compete in the UFC.
The very first fight in UFC history, Gordeau vs Teila Tuli.