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Oct 2, 2004
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The gym I train at (primarily a Muay Thai/MMA gym) has a small weights room which is ideal for me as it's always empty and has the basics I need; bench, squat rack, enough space to do DL's and a decent amount of free weights.
However they are expanding the MMA aspect of the gym (putting a Cage in etc.) and changing the weights room into the new changing rooms, with sauna.
That means no more weights for me :mad::icon_cry2
I pay enough now for my Muay Thai & MMA which is my main focus, but I like to get down the gym in my dinner time from work, lift some iron and relieve some stress. Can't really afford to subscribe to another gym to do weights. I got some light weights at home (about 60 kg) coupla DB's, a chin bar, barbell an a curl bar (ssshhhh :redface: )
Suggestions for improving/maintaining strength without weights or with light weights.
The missus aint gonna let me turn the back yard into a gym, my punch bag already takes up enough room :icon_chee
That sucks losing the weights room mate, but it might not all be bad... if they're getting rid of the weights room they might be getting rid of the weights as well. So why not buy them yourself? You might be able to pick them up pretty cheap if you're lucky?

I know you said that your missus is against the weight training cause of the space thing, but if you're only getting a squat rack you'll only need space for that and some in front of it to do deadlifts! Maybe if you try the "well, you know if I get these I never have to get a gym membership, which means we'll save quite a bit of money and maybe we could afford (insert thing that missus wants) that you've always wanted to have/do/go (etc etc)" The worst she can say is no, but if she says yes you'll have all you need for ever!

If that's a no go, a few cool exercises I can recommend are dumbbell snatches, handstand push ups and pistols. Oh and if your barbell is the right size to take all of those 60kg of plates you have, I'm sure you'll get heaps of suggestions on barbell complexes you can do from the other guys here - unfortunately I don't know much about them.
Just buy more weights and build up a home gym. You won't regret it.

Where do you train, btw?
Take your pants back from the missus....wait brb..."yes dear? go clean the garage out? but I'm....YES DEAR" sorry guys, gotta go.

I'd be so strong and fit if I took my own advice.
Take your pants back from the missus....wait brb..."yes dear? go clean the garage out? but I'm....YES DEAR" sorry guys, gotta go.

That was a classic... I'm glad it's not like that in my... "right away honey"... Talk to you guys in a few.
you guys are so pussywh.... "sure honey here's $250, buy something nice"
My main gym is here:

UFC fighter Terry Etim trains here along with some good up and coming young talent.

I also train here when I get the chance (can afford to). The guys started off in the gym above but have now got their own place:

Jason Tan is one of the instructors here, fought Marcus Davis in the UFC (unfortunately got knocked out and didn't get to showcase his skills). He's fighting on the Penn/Sherk undercard in Vegas along with Etim.

lol at the missus comments. I already have a full size heavy bag dominating the yard (it really is a small yard) plus I gotta put a shed in there to throw my bikes and stuff in 'cos they're cluttering up the house. With 4 kids and a small house/yard doesn't give me much option for a home gym.

I made myself a homemade sandbag, weights about 50kg. Got some rope around it so I can do various lifts, plus I threw some heavy duty bags over it so I can throw it around and ground and pound it without it splitting :)
Squats and DL I'm gonna miss out on as I was building my strength up steadily and decently.
you guys are such pussies, being whipped by your women. my apartment is almost entirely a gym with enough space leftover for sleeping! and my wife doesn' yeah single :(.:redface: