Guess this means DC is gonna have to drop to 205 & ragdoll JBJ?

lol! That's the highlight of the night
Cormier is gonna get knee kicked and out boxed from a mile away.
Cormier looked shorter than Marquart, he will find JBJ's reach difficult to deal with, especially being that he does not come from a striking background.
I'd rather see Cormier at LHW if (and it's a big IF) he can make weight without problems.

If Overeem beats Cain Cormier will stay at HW.
cormier vs JBJ would be a sick fight.

Can cormier even cut to 205? lol
Going to be a great fight and the last chance for JJ to lose at LHW IMO.
see how he does against staring first, i think he should get a hw fight first
Cormier dosnt want to ever drop again. He hasnt even fought in the UFC yet...
What Jones did to Rashad in the second round with elbows, Jones would do to Cormier with knees...
DC won't be able to touch JJ with his T-Rex Arms, nobody is taking the belt from JJ
I don't like Jones, but he would maul Cormier. But that's besides the point, Cormier doesn't have the discipline to make LHW.
jon jones? he's no cain velasquez.

cormier via TKO
Not a smart idea for a dude that had kidney failure to start cutting weight again at 33...

Just sayin.