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Dec 5, 2004
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Found this thorough review on the GSP MMA DVD's and thought some of you might be interested.

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From: John Turner, CEO
Date: 09/08/05 03:01 PM
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Greetings UG,

First of all I would like to say that I do sell these and this review needs to be read with this in mind. I am not trying to hide this fact from anybody. The fact is that I just received mine and all orders shipped today. I just viewed them after taking notes and will be objective. As other people post it will become clear that this is indeed correct.

Dvd #1: 39 minutes dvd-video w/menu

The first portion deals with the jab and its effectiveness. GSP places special importance to remaining "loose and quick" and able to attack at any second. Proper posture, power generation, where to land for max damage are covered. He tells you exactly where to place your shot. Next he goes teaches dealing with guys with a reach adv. against you. He finishes the section on the jab with a leg kick counter to the jab. Today everyone needs to know this and I had never been taught how to throw a power punch (stiff jab).

Next is the spinning back kick. At first first I thought this was going to be kinda lame, as it doesn't strike me as a high percentage move. GSP asserts many people do it wrong and this lessens its effectiveness. He shows proper power generation, coming around and looking with the eyes, self protection, and advice on how to keep your balance. Then he puts it together with the spinning backfist. GSP show how you hand should be for a ko (see matt serra). Finally, he shows the best counter, to his mind, to the same move. The striking portion ending with him attacking the pads with many combinations.

Takedowns from the Clinch

As a Judoka and BJJ-er this was my fav part of the two dvds. This portion. The first technique is the armdrag to single leg. High percentage and easily adapted to submission wrestling. Then a combo inside leg reap (ouchi-gari) dropping all the way to the floor and insuring an "ippon" style takedown. He details the throw completely. The third technique is a knee pick, it looked very nice and effective. Then came the stuff that was really enjoying, "fence takedowns". In reality any non-giving surface (ie wall) would work. He walks you through the critical set-ups and body positioning that will better your chances of scoring a takedown against a skilled fighter. The first fence takedown is a single. Then the counter is shown, then the recounter to that counter is shown which leads to a massive "pick-up" as know by Judoka. This throw on concrete would be tough to walk away from, now matter how much falling practice you've had.


This portion of the dvd shed light into how someone like GSP trains. He hit all the major body groups in a circuit fashion. He states his intention is not to be a bodybuilder, but rather to have "...explosion during the fight..." Most folks would have a hard time to do this because it is based on intensity, not quantity. The dvd ends with GSP's sprint training routine. He explains it, and the theory behind it (ie recovery b/w rounds). It is actually quite funny because he teaches the viewer how not to stand between sprint intervals and states: "It's like doing this." He then proceeds to appear to hit a "j" and then he quickly changes analogies. For sure funny to some people. The dvd ends with a pep talk on hitting the gym on days when you really could easily skip a workout...GSP states, "The harder you train, the easier the fight."

Dvd #2: 42 minutes

Submissions and Ground Game

This dvd was very good, because he showed very high percentage stuff that you see win in real fights. The dvd is based on the other guy being a tough, well-trained guy. That is what I like about it the most.

That said, the dvd starts the instruction by assuming you are in your opponent's half-guard. It is all about GNP with subs. He knows that a well trained fighter will shrimp and create space to avoid this...thus leaving you submissions attempts. His fighting plan is mostly based on the kimura and covers four varitions (counter-recounter stuff). He also shows how the opponent's defense to the kimura can lead straight to the arm triangle. GSP shows how to finish the choke the proper way.

Then he moves to the guard, what he calls the "mma guard, the best way to defend yourself on the bottom." This protection is very valuable knowledge and leads to an armbar, triangle and omoplata combo. It is not the armbar that most think of.

Next are knees from the side mount. He shows how to inflict max damage and get max force with every shot. Elbows are also covered in detail. This part could get brutal on a non-padded surface, as he shows counters to your opponent bear-hugging you. He follows with knee on stomach after the hug is broken.

The dvd also includes drills to improve your GNP, keys and principles for a real fight, how to get the most power in every shot. Better to land one solid he explains it is "not bjj".

Finally he covers the mount and assumes you are landing punches. Your opponent will turn not wanting or liking this, and give you his back. Then it's straight to the basics. Basically it is this awareness of what your opponent will do that will lead to this "very basic technique." He stresses always knowing what to do. He finishes with an armbar from the rear mount. High quality no bs stuff that many people deem too basic, but still wins fights against the tough guys.

The dvd ends with the exact same w/o routine as the first dvd.

So that is my review. I liked it, but did not like the fact the same w/o is on both dvds. The production quality was very good, which is expected these days. There was not many slo-mos, maybe two throughout the entire dvd set. And not much review, topics were very fast and to the point. I am sure some companies could make these dvds much longer, but I'm sure all of us can use a remote. So other than the workouts being the same, I think these dvds are good to very good. A solid B and for the price a B+. Also, GSP's French-Canadian accent is heavy to be sure. Finally, it should be mentioned that David "the Crow" Loiseau is GSP's partner throughout the entire two dvds.

take care,


(edited for grammar only...i'm sure there are still some typos)


If you are interested in these DVD's, they can purchased here at sherdog,, or

GSP is the man. I may splurge and get that set.
i tihnk this was a horrible set...with a fitness section just used a time filler on both tapes...the instruction isnt even that great...imo this set is just a money maker....dont get me wrong here GSP is my favorite fighter leading me to buy this set......but honestly it is crap