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group buy

good deal ssf. If i didnt just buy another gi i would be all over this.
This should be cool, I'll likely be ordering a Gi in about 2 weeks.
I want a white Gameness gi. I sent you and email. If you dont get it, please email me the details.
Right now we are in the $** a gi range. Let's get enough people to drop that even lower. That's a great price for the best gi made.

ill talk to a friend later tonight, he was wnating to get anothe gameness.. im sure he will be interested.
great deal. im in if i can convince the wife by the end of the month. drive the price down lower!
Definitely count me in. I'm gonna send you a pm with my contact information.
How much would shipping be to the Uk? I'm really interested in a white Gi!!! :-D
Ultima-It's going to take a butt load of people jumping on to bring the price that low. Gameness makes one of the best gis on the market and they are worth a lot more then their retail price.