Gross feet from BJJ


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Dec 14, 2006
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Is it just me or do all people that do BJJ feet have mat burn and large calluses on their feet? I had a comment today that I should probably not wear sandals because me feet are so bad or I should get a pedicure. My feet are not that bad compared to some of the other guys I have seen at my gym. I really don't care and am going to continue to wear sandals but does anyone else notice this?
Haha, yeah but my feet have toughened up a bit, so it's not near as bad as before. When I first started you would have thought somebody stabbed parts of my feet and knees because of all the blood that came out. It was disgusting for about a month or two, think "Carrie"
the worst is the kids who got some kind of foot fungus and the skin on their heels and toes is FLAKY and comes off.
my feet have taken the worst of my bjj training, no doubt. they look like they belong to some kind of crazy, shoe-less, crackhead.
I don't think mine are that bad. Just a couple "cigarette burns" on each foot. No big deal really, I could care less what people think of my feet. They are clean, and in my opinion that's the most important thing!
Do you guys purposely not wear sandals to hide your hideous feet because I really would wear sandals all year long if I lived in a place that would allow me to do so
I have significant discoloration from matburn. The areas have never faded, even as the skin has long since healed. I'll find out if they'll ever fade when I get a forced break from grappling for longer than a month.
had a blister pop on my toe today. right next to a callus

dunno wats worse... the mat rubbing on it or the hot water and hibiclens afterwards
I have only had mat burn on my feet once or twice in 18 months.

starting to get the dreaded cauli ear though :(
really? my feet look just like they did when i started training a year ago
I don't care what my feet and other guy's feet look like as long as they are clean and fungus free.

What really disgusts me is when I see some really hot chick with nice legs, etc. and nasty
dry callused heels and feet.

Turns me right off.
Most BJJ schools you are not allowed to wear shoes of any kind on that mat

How many have you trained at? Because this has not been my personal experience.
my feet aren't the nicest, but they're not some mis colored, fungus, ooze feet.

i usually wash my feet (novel idea), neosporin cuts/blisters, the occassional lotion.
Wrestling shoes on a mat are fine, so long as they're worn just on the mat. Clean wrestling shoe on a clean mat is just as safe as a clean foot.
My feet r still toughening up, one time in class i was rolling & i stepped outside of the mat with all my weight on my big toe onto the carpet which was kind of rough & it actually ripped off a huge callous i had on the toe. It was disguisting, i didnt realize it until i finished rolling cuz of adrenaline, but when i looked at my toe, i saw a big thick piece of skin hanging off my big toe. I got off the mat washed it off and taped it up, I couldnt roll for a couple of week till it healed.

Recently i had a similar thing happen, i had a blister on the side of the ball of my foot but it was already healed & it turned into a callous, but when i started rolling, it ripped off, but it was small, so i just taped it up & kept rolling.

So now im walking around with skin missing on my right foot, and i don't care, i still wear my coach sandals.
My feet are straight up gnarly and I've been training less than 2 years, it happens. Unless you wear wrestling shoes.

For the record they are allowed at my school.
I only experienced some mat burn and some scarring...nothing totally disgusting.