Grease the grove?


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Jun 4, 2007
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I have been doing the grease the grove method for two weeks now. I do about 4-6 reps each set every hour from 8 till about 4 on monday tuesday thur and fri..I was wondering if i am doing this right or should do it like mon wed fri or instead of every hour every two hours...i have read some people do it every day
what exercise are you doing gtg on? how are the results so far? where did you hear about it?

gtg has worked best for me going by feel, or behavioral triggers. Every time I walk by something, crank out some pullups, every time I go to the bathroom, every time I make a post, every time I have a drink, etc. pick one event that happens about a dozen times a day and do some reps. I got no better results by doing it based on a timer.
well I've never heard of it the way you're calling it, but I did something similar that helped with my push-up count. I would get to my classes a little bit early (so It's not like I'm showing off, not everyone in my class is there), and pump out a set number of push-ups. I would do this every class and at the end of the day and before school started so in total I would do 9 sets of like 20. I'd also do it with TV commercials.
i do it by whenever i pee which is about every hour at work i crank out 4 to 6 pull ups...I feel like i can crank em on mondays but my thurs morning i am so damm sore and i can barely do back and bis look bigger and more cut since i started and i feel stronger when i am fresh. i just wanted to know if 4 days a week of this was too much