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John O'Brien

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Jun 17, 2004
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Got this mail from Llyod irvin on his mailing list - Thought I'd post it.

Hello, I am a volunteer in the Peace Corps
in the country of Moldova, the poorest
nation in Eastern Europe. I am working,
educating children about life skills and
health education in a village of a little
over two thousand people. When I was in
the States, I wrestled in high school and
again in college at the NCAA div. II level,
then took up Brazilian jiu-jitsu/ no-gi
jiu-jitsu and trained with Saulo Ribeiro
in Detroit, MI. As a secondary project,
I am implementing an after-school
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu club.

This club is an after-school club, something
to give kids to do after school and keep
them out of trouble and to keep them healthy.

I am working for free, not charging any money
as nobody here has any money anyway.

I am requesting that if you all have some
jiu-jitsu gis to spare (old, new, ripped
to shreds, extra white belts, it doesn't
matter), or any videos of highlights of
matches or instructional videos (either
VHS or preferably DVD) that you would be
willing to donate to my project, it would
help immensely. As of now, we don't have
any gis at all, and I am just teaching
them wrestling and no-gi techniques.

It would help a great deal if I could
get some videos so that they could see
what a real jiu-jitsu match looks like
so that things will be easier to explain

(I have to do all the explaining in
Romanian, which makes things even harder).

Furthermore, anything that could be used
to decorate the walls like old posters,
patches, etc. or pictures would be good
too. Basically, if you think it's junk,
it will be like gold to us, so if you
could take some time to send it out,
the village of Burlacu, Moldova would
be eternally grateful.

If you can make this donation, it can
be sent to my address at the bottom of
the screen. If you have any questions or
concerns, please don't hesitate to contact
me at my email address or cell phone at any

If you are curious to see what the country
and people are like, there is a link to my
photo page at the bottom as well.

Thank you for your time.


Robert McMasters

Robert L. McMasters, Peace Corps Volunteer
Filip, Parascovia
s. Burlacu
r. Cahul
Republica Moldova

c: 011-373-792-86-757
h: 011-373-299-79-306

Cool!!! Will see if I can whip something up
You know what I find interesting about this?

Mr McMasters knew to send his plea to Lloyd because he has a huge mailing list of grapplers with disposable income (assuming they got his set).

Who needs the UN when you have Lloyd Irvin?

I have some old gear I don't wear, mostly shorts, I might send along but Goddamn, asking for gis when they cost 70-200 dollars? I can't see many parting with their karate pyjamas for the cause.

I wonder if Lloyd will make a donation. He bloody well should seeing as how he's probably one of the few grappling instructors in the world making good money.