Grapplers Quest 2013 events cancelled

Promised free entry to 2013 event instead of refund for event...

Cancels all 2013 events.... /troll face lol
Why couldn't he promote someone else to run them for the year?
Shit, competing in GQ is what I get down for. Now all I got is NAGA, and I don't want just NAGA.
WTF???!!!! This is horrible. I hope Brian's OK, but damn this is disappointing.
Interesting, he actually contacted one of my instructors about heading the North West branch of GQ awhile back, so I think this has been in the works for abit......
Why couldn't he promote someone else to run them for the year?
my thought exactly. i understand if he needs to focus on family now but he really cant find someone else to take over for a little while?
I get it, but I can't help but think there's someone in the organization that has picked up enough knowledge over 15 years to take the reigns for even a limited 2013 season. It's a huge loss to the sport, but maybe it'll create some de facto support of local/regional tournaments this year.
GC used to be good but lately they haven't been great, or rather, the worst tournaments I've been to lately. There have been other orgs coming up like NABJJ that have filled the vacuum though.
NABJJ doesn't get nearly a large enough turnout to replace GQ, plus the ruleset isn't the same.
There was a GQ coming to South FL in a few weeks, damn. There's a newbreed comp late next month, guess that will suffice.

Anyone competed in newbreed?
Cimins not having someone take over in the interim speaks volumes about how he probably views and values himself as a promoter.
who cares, Cimins is a douche anyway. Also GQ is crap and it makes no sense that they would cancel all events because he can't run them, probably something more going on
I don't think he is making a smart move here. if you can't delagate then sell it. probably wouldn't be too hard to get a ogod price for it. I'm sure he brings in a good profit margin each year.