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Graduated from high school

Red Dragon

Blue Belt
Dec 16, 2001
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After a long and hard road of crap i actually managed to finish high school a few weeks ago. I am seriosly looking to get into an MMA training school by the end of the summer. I am in the NJ area and if anyone has any advice I'd definetly appreciate it.
Go to college........................................
Well, prepare yourself for a life of shit, Red Dragon. After high school, it's all downhill from there. Trust me on it. :(
Yes. Go join the amry............
I am gonna have to thankfully decline the first 4 choices. College is definetly not for me, high school was hard enough. I would never do drugs. The AMRY is too tough for me, but the ARMY may be a last ditch thing. If I decided to do military I'd do Marines personally. I want to know if anyone knows of good places to train in the NJ area for MMA. All I got so far is Royler-Adiv BJJ.
train part time well going to college. that what i'm doing and don't say it can't be done carlos newton is going to school to be a doctor and figths at the same time.
Yeah thats a reasonable thing man, but with me college is pretty much a closed option. Newton is really talented in lots of areas. But even he could not cut it in the AMRY.
Listen here R.D. go to school! I have been diagnosed with a bunch of learning dissabilities and school kicks my butt, but it's worth it in the long run!
There are other options but college will help you get there, there are ways to do it so it isint that hard, trust me.
I know you are giving me good advice man. The thing is that I could never do the kind of stuff that a college degree would get you. So its like I know for most people its very important, but I need to try and get an earliest start as possible in the things I know I am gonna do in life. Still haven't gotten anyone who knows of places in NJ yet.
yeah some people went made to go to college i mean what am i doing telling you what to do and i don't know you, i should go fuck off.
My friend got a degree in science, he now is a boat captain and makes 120,000k a year and doesn't use his degree at all!
But it helped him get his foot in the door.
I would take a few classes and at least be a part-time student while training in MMA. Having an education will give you something to fall back on in case your fighting career doesn't take off. Though your future is uncertain, at least a degree, even a general studies degree, will do wonders for your resume.

Its still very early for you. I've changed majors many times throughout my college career before finally hammering down my future.
Thanks alot guys. I'm telling you, we gotta have at least one guy from Sherdog turn pro.
Somehow the NOBODY GIVES A SHIT picture just doesn't convey enough sentiment.

Jk Red Dragon. Gotta have a backup plan apart from an MMA career.

Remember Tito had his first fight (against Guy Mezger) when he was in college! ;)

- The Jake
Go to school, join the wrestling team and get an education and then do the MMA thing after school in the evenings!