Gotta love Joe Lauzon!


Is it just me, or is it getting crazier out there?
Mar 27, 2010
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that guy has some serious heart, his face must be so sore but he's still pressing forward!
that cut is gruesome. hope he doesn't pass out from blood loss
There is no MMA fan who doesn't love Joe Lauzon.
They should have stopped the fight in the beggining of 2nd round.

He must have lost a lot of blood already.
Tough kid to put it mildly. Brutal fight.
god damn looks like Cain will be swimming on both his and Lauzons blood
can he stop wading straight forward every standup exchange?
Only respect for that man. I tear down the building if Joe pulls this out.
Lauzon has single handily saved the main card....and I'm sure earned his 12th bonus...craziness
what a fight!! Think Miller done enough but Lauzon is a warrior!
Wouldn't be surprised if the refs give 2 and 3 to Lauzon.

Dude had some nice sub attempts.
Lauzon is easily one of my favourites. So much love for that guy.

Honestly thought he did enough to take 2 & 3.