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Good Sign, I haven't CRINGED from the fight announcers yet


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Jul 31, 2011
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I don't care who it is. It can be Florian, Anik, hell I wouldn't even mind Mauro. As long as it's not Goldberg.

To me his announcing is distasteful and sounds second class as he always sounds like someone who had just discovered MMA no longer than 3 months ago.

I've seen Goldie do some other work with announcing, and he was actually good.... However he makes me cringe when he announces for the UFC.

I also understand that Goldie has to sometimes play the aloof character so Joe can engage in educating the newer audience, but that isn't what bothers me. What bothers me is his little nuances like constantly saying "brazilian jiu jitsu black belt under Cesar Gracie." "IT's that STOCKTON SLAP Joe." "Well those Diaz brothers have the STOCKTON SLAP".
Rogan says cringe-worthy shit every PPV, he's just a badass so no one cares.
Yeah I think Goldie is done after hearing how much better Anik is in his place. I ragged on Anik for lacking energy but I feel like he does really well augmenting Rogan's energy tonight.
I find Rogan and his constant screaming and all his biased bullshit much more annoying than anybody else.
Goldberg is just a generic commentator just like Mauro and Jon Anik, they're all easily replaceable.
Really? Anik has been shit, and Rogan has already screwed up a few times. Sounds like you guys just like to bag on Goldie.
You missed the part where Anik was talking about Max Holloway "moving around" his "11 inch frame"
Rogan can't call a fight down the middle. Goldie is usually incoherent and bumbly. Anik is like a dose of Nyquil. I'm not really satisfied with any of them.
"you know Garcia's going to have a good gameplan" before getting in the octagon.

I was a bit puzzled at that.
"two very explosive guys" after the Garcia - Holloway fight...
Unlike a lot of people on here, I'm not an Anik hater. That being said, after the Duffee KO I was looking forward to a good ol "IT IS ALL OVER!" from Goldie that never came... :(
IT IS ALL OVER > anything Anik will ever say about anything in MMA

But honestly, Rogan without Goldie just seems wrong...
I like Anik better than Goldie but it could be better.