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Jan 30, 2005
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We've been doing pretty well since we started and, the easiest/quickest way to give back to you guys is to have sales.

The last one we had was such a big hit, we're doing it again.

$10 off every $50 purchase until the end of the month.

BTW: We've got a booth a NAGA if you want to skip the whole shipping thing (We also usually go a little cheaper at events).

Check out the pics of Jason Lambert on the front page here. Great stuff!!!
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The cart automatically deducts the $10 when the sub-total reaches $50
Cool. Do you have those short sleeve rashguards in yet?
What size you looking for? We have some in right now.
I ordered mine.

I'll be lookin' shnazzy when I get tapped out like the noob that I am at the American Int'l BJJ & Sub. Grappling Championships.
If iam a size 32 waist, should i get a exact fit or a little larger?...Damm i was just thinking the other day " I hope Nogi brings back that sale they had". Lucky me!
One or my friends has been wearing the black nogi short and said that he wears the exact size as his street wear. I also wear the same size nogi shorts as my jeans.
Thanks guys, I will order the OE shorts tonight, and also the OE shirt to boot.
I'm a natural size 32 and the blue 32's fit me perfectly. A size up wouldn't hurt though if you're unsure, you can always use the internal drawstring to close the gap.
Cool I just ordered my OE shorts and shirt, are the OE shorts size 32 still on back order?...i cant wait to get them!