Good Metal Cups for MMA?


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Feb 26, 2005
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Hey Guys,

I've tried searching but didn't find any results relevant to what I was looking for.

I was looking to purchase a metal cup for grappling and muay thai use.
I've heard the metal fairtex one is good, but I would like one that has an elastic band that I can just slip on, but it has to be metal.

Any suggestions from you guys that already have metal ones you like?


All metal cups are pretty much the same. Try Ringside for the price. You are not going to be able to slip them in regular supporters because they are too large. All the metal ones I have seen are for muay thai and have the 3 ropes that crush your nuts and go straight up your ass. Here is what I do. First I get rid of the ropes and toss them. I wear gi type compression shorts and then an athletic supporter on the outside (not one of the ones with the pouch cup). Then I slip the metal cup in between. I usually go one size too small on the supporter so it keeps the cup in place. I have never had a problem with it moving around. Plus it is easy to remove the cup and throw it back in.
I wear my thai cup under my Underarmour compression shorts 90% of the time so it stays in place. I do have some Sloggi sports boxer shorts that have a built in cup pouch so sometimes I will use them. I took the strings out a couple of weeks ago.
My Twins cup is perfect. I can't imagine wanting anything more.
feedmelies said:
My Twins cup is perfect. I can't imagine wanting anything more.

Do you have a link?
Twins is a company or brand? or a retailer?

I have had no problem fitting my metal thai cup in a regular supporter. The one I bought from Walmart called the Duke fits it perfectly.
Go to the sporting sections of wallmart and but these underware looking things that come with a plastic cup. My metal cup fits right into the pouch. Then I wear fight shorts right over them and mine never budges.