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Good Gi for short and stocky guys



I have a quick question, what is a good gi for a short guy, who is stocky. I am 5 8 about 220 I have wide chest pretty broad shoulders. When I look at the size chart for someone my height they have to be 170lbs in order to get into the gi. Also on the pants I am a 36 waist so I would be a size 6 but there too long, I am all confused on this. Whitch gi is made for the shorter stockier or heavier guy? I know Atama is good for the tall slim guy, but what about us short guys lol
Hey Thaiking,

That's a challenge that you have with your sizing. You will definitely want to mix and match the pants and the top for a good fit. Most companies will do that, sometimes it costs a little extra. For most companies you would be a size 6 top and a size 5 bottom.

One thing you might consider is to go with a judo gi in a smaller size because they tend to have a more generous loose and baggy cut. One that is put out by Professor Willy Cahill is of good quality. You can check it out at www.tigerclaw.com I believe.

My other suggestion is maybe a Koral gi. It has a great cut to it that might fit well for you.

Best of luck,

Warrior and Infamous are both right. I would go with a size 6/5 mix. We can do this with HCK but there is a $10 charge for it. We have Judo gis from Mizuno and Adidas that would work for you as well.

You may end up getting it tailored to fit right though.

I'm short and stocky. I wear an A1 in most gi charts. For the most part, newer gi's like Gameness, Sirius, and Lutador have a slim fit. I've tried these and don't like how I can't close them like I can my Koral. The old mkimonos and koral gi's fit me perfect. The lengths on all these gi's mentioned were dead on for the size. The newer gis also have more shoulder room than the older models like Mkimonos and Koral. I had to order a custom Lutador gi from Luciana. They ended up having to hem an A2 by shortening the sleeves and pants. Honestly, it feels like a bigger gi just shortened. I was hoping they were gonna build an A1 in their older Mkimonos cut. The custom A2 feels like it has way too much material in the shoulders and crotch area, like I'm swimming in my gi. Hope this answers your question.