Gi's for tall lanky mofo's...


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Aug 29, 2007
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After securing the funds for both a Gi, and the monthly fee for my gym, I am now in the market for a Gi. The problem is sizing. My instructor says that the Atama's wont be a very good fit for me, and is recommending I find one elsewhere. I'm 6'3 and 181 pounds(last I checked...I'm taller than Jason MacDonald). What Gi makes are good a good fit for tall lanky people? Where did you get this Gi?
do not get an atama. my a4 pants look like those women's pant/short things, you can see my shins! my gi sleeves show my forearms. I am built like a spider at 6'4".

im interested in this topic, too.
I've got a similar build. the a4 KF gi top fits me GREAT but the pants were too small.

To be honest the best fitting pants I have found were at Tigerclaw/Hayashi pants fit great and they are cheap, and i think you can buy them separate..You could get yourself a nice gi and some pants separately.
I'm 6'2" and weight a lot more than you but still have a really lean/thin build (people usually think I'm 170) and on thing that I found recently that helped was getting a mis-matched gi top and bottom.

In my case it was Atama ultra-lite A3 top A4 bottom--my coach called and asked them about my build and that's what they recommended.

The thing is because of the draw string I can make pants with a large waist fit comfortably and that lets me get the length I need, and then most gi tops are too long unless you dry them sufficiently anyway.

Anyhow, I was really happy with that, you might think about getting mismatched top & bottom with whatever brand you go with (can always call and ask the label what they recommend).
6' 4" 210ish in the market for a Gi soon. Post what you get, my gym is full of short BJJ fuckers except one guy who is 6' 3" and about 150 (no kidding).
6' 4" 210ish in the market for a Gi soon. Post what you get, my gym is full of short BJJ fuckers except one guy who is 6' 3" and about 150 (no kidding).

Yeah, sure thing. I'll probably ending up getting some frankensteined solution from the gym, or one of the suppliers my instructor knows.
Kikskin Komp is the gi for you, make sure you get a size up though, they shrink like a mofo. They have a slim cut, and as long as you buy one big enough and keep it away from the dryer I guarantee you'll like it.
I'm about 6'4 and 185 lbs. I have an MKimonos hybrid-weave gi, size A4. The jacket is fine, though wish it was slightly tighter. The pants are absolutely huge...there is a ton of fabric in the front since I have to sinch them up super tight. Wish I had gotten A3 pants, but was scared they would be too short. Nice gi, but wish it fit a little better for my body, though I suspect whatever I buy in the future will be the same.
I have the same problem. I am 6'3", 190lbs. I can find pants that fit, but the tops are either too big or too small. I haven't been able to find a good sized top. I've bought two Atama A4s. the double weave fits perfectly, but the mundial model the top is big. it fits me lengthwise, but its pretty baggy everywhere else. I have a koral A4 with the same problem - pants are perfect, but the top is big. The A3 tops are too short for my arms and torso, and the A4 is gigantic. I had the same problem with Vulkan. I just deal with a baggier jacket.
Kikskin has been my best fit as well. I'm 6'3 195-200. I got the A-5 and shrunk the hell out of it. The top is perfect for me now, slim and fit. I managed to get the pants to fit right too after drying alot.. I go for the 10 minute dry process the first time washing/drying. Wash it, dry it 10 minutes, put it on, if it doesn't fit, another 10 mins, etc.
im 6'4 and have been 210-235ish and the a3 koral mkm competition gis fit me perfectly.
6'2 173 pounds, i have a ton of gis and the only one that fits me good is a a3 gameness platinum. the sleeves are long and the jacket is very slim. also the sleeves wont shrink in the dryer.
sorry to bring back a dead thread, but i am looking for a gi..... 6' 6'' 200 ibs.... built like a spider.... help!