Ghostjack, Good New and Bad News

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Dec 16, 2001
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Good news: Scientists now say that new information shows that the asteroid's course should bypass the earth's orbit and there is less than a 1 in a million chance of it hitting.

Bad news: those are the same odds they gave getting the miners out of the shaft alive.
Well thanks for the head's up. I'm going to prepare my bomb-shelter now. I'll be back later.
I prefer anarchy to chaos so let's collectively spin the wheel, pass the bottle and keep our toes crossed.
As long as Azerbajan gets a damn good smiting i'll be happy
I have a pretty solid basement, I think I can handle the impact.
ahh the 50's logic to Nuclear bombs it sounds like, by erecting a corrugated tin shed, painting it white and shoving all the tinned stuff you would never eat anyway, a couple of mouldy blankets that may have been pinched off a tramp, and you're all set for armageddon
I'm locking myself in the fridge, with at least a weeks supply of JIF and a rag.
I was just going to lie under my bed with a hip flask of gin, i'm not even talking about asteroids now
Nobody ever looks for the Mutant Space Fungus...its out there...waiting...watching....
I always wanted to learn Hebrew and have sex with the Dahm tripletts...damn the best laid plans.
is it such a bad thing, we need a couple of billion off this earth

whats wrong with azerbajan:eek: , lets hope it hits saudi arabia or israel
...would you settle for Latin and the Olsen twins?
I could live without Hanson too. MMMmmmmbop, bop, bop, mmmmmmbop.