Getting Started...again help


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Nov 12, 2003
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I just kidding over a hand ful of injuries that i have had almost a year.

problem is i've gained 35 pounds have no energy and am lacking motivation to get into the gym.

I want to start Jiujitsu again but currently i'm looking for some quick plan to get my head in the right direction. I know time and consistancy is was i need....but does anyone have any good tips on Diet and suppplements & workout plan thats easy to start off with...the momentum will carry from there...i just need to get there..
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jk.. i would comment, but it seems like you need the drive to do these things first. Like you said, doesnt seem like your head is in it. You've got to WANT to get to the right place, but i think you know that. Good luck to you though.
Clean diet, cardio 5x a week, 20-30 min. Drinks lots of water, consume good carbs, early in the day and drink lots of water. Also, look at hawt chicks that you wanna bone and train hard. When u bone one of them, and lost weight, you reached ur goal.