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Jun 25, 2005
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when i spare at the gym sometimes there is a big guy 6'4 260 who sometimes roll with me. im fairly new but he gets side control on me. does anyone any techniques i can pratice to stop him from getting this and what escapes can i use on him. I'm a big guy myself and it is rare that i find a guy my size.
Get yourself to a school for formal training under a legitimate instructor. There is no substitute if you want to learn the art and science of it.
I am a bug guy myself, and if u have a guy your own size on top of u sometimes it is very difficult to get them off. The best advice I can give is top stay very active and keep moving to create space, bring your elbows to your knees to create a shell that will make it hard for them to get in side control.
i am actually in a school. its that i train with alot of people who are near or below my weight. its rare that i spare with a bigger guy and have more trouble with them.
I'd try and get a knee in there before he passes guard completely.
If he has side control on your right- turn onto your side and face him, push his hips away with your left arm (be ready to yank it out if he "helicopters" around to armbar you) and sneak a knee in. From there, just work your way into either a butterfly or closed guard.
Good to hear you are in a school. As you know, avoiding side control is one of the fundamental techniques and goals taught at any school. Ask your instructor -- have you done that?.
I'm a newb so I can't really help much. But who do you train under? Just ask your instructor.
Place the (your) hand closest to his hip on his hip bone, the (your) hand closest to his neck on the side of his neck. Then buck hard and push him down towards your legs quickly and as hard as possible. This creates space for you to roll and face him and shrimp into guard or set up an arm bar from there. ANother way.. but way more advanced is to create space, again, then grab the wrist of his hand thats closest to your head with your hand, push it back to his hip, sit up and get the kimura in there. Start the kimura and crank it till its at the point of tension, buck and flip him towards the opposite side. I am half assed-ly explaining this Kimura reversal from side control because quite frankly, its really complicated and I don't want to spend 2 hrs explaining it , but its a worthwhile technique to learn. Ask your teacher when you get the chance.
we recently learned an escape. bridge up and once some space is made, get onto your side and have your hands on his hips pushing him away from you. from there you can work your hips and get a leg in, and eventually retain guard. kinda hard to explain...
Another one if he's not around your neck.. is to underhook his body (like you're holding a barrel), and just pull yourself out, swivel, and you can get the back.
i dont know about you guys but side control escape is the first thing beginners are taught at the place i train at, we also use no gi and train for mma
I drilled this with Roger Gracie over a private as it was one of my weak points.. When someone has side control, he can generally do two things (other than mount or knee ride) - He can place his hand by your hip to stop your regaining guard or he can hold you in side control with blocking your hip.

If he is not blocking your hip, make sure you have your elbow against his hip (you will use this to make space.. Scoot your hips and feet away from the guy who has you in side control - Use your elbow to push him up so that you can create space - You should be now able to slide your knee through to retain guard.

Drill this over 2 or 3 classes consisently. If will make you feel more comfortable when you're in side control. You might also want to work on some open guard drills so that you don't get put in side control too much. A strong guy in side control with a good knee ride is a bitch.

if he is blocking your hip, it means that one of his hands is basically tied down to block your hip, you should be able to come up onto all fours, grab a single or double, lift your head up and towards over his back and finish off the double or single.

I'd speak to your instructor about this.. See if he can cover it in a classsometime. Perhaps get a private in it.
Haven't you learned any side control escapes? Elbow-Knee Escape? Just work your hips out away from him and try to bring your knee back in and regain guard.
pushing on the collar and hip and geting your knee in works well for me.
It really depends on the way your opponent takes side-control. If he has your head under hooked or control of your hip.

To the honest your standard run of the hip and elbow escapes along with upas for creating space can get you out of most situation if you do the correctly.

However here are some tips:

1.) Recognize your opponents hand and body position.
2.) Try not to get flatten to your back. Escapes are far easier from your side.
3.) Most guys will give you a little space as they transition from maintaining side control into launching attacks.
4.) Do not spaz. Nothing gets you more tried thain spazzing out when someone has you in side control. Try to coordinate movements. Upa to hip escape.

My .02
All of the escapes sound good. Also try to take your arm that is on the same side that your opponent is on and slide it through down by your hip and reach up by his ribs on his opposite side. Once your hand is there you can hip up and spin into himtaking the upper position.
good stuff guys, thanks for taking the time to post those pointers about the hand placement. i never really learned those types of things. coincidentally, i'm watching the saulo riberio side control dvd right now and took a break to check out sherdog. will definitely keep these points in mind next class.
just remember..nothings 100%

yes, its easy to say "just get your knee in there" but thats not always doable when u have a large guy who good use of his weight

take your time and realize that nothing works all the time
Side control is the first thing taught at my school when it comes to newaza, but I have the hardest time escaping from it.

If the person has you in the scarf hold position, your best bet is to shrimp toward them and push their hip away with your free hand. While doing this, pull your hand they have control of back to yourself. If they lose that, they lose the hold. If you can't get your arm back, they'll probably transition and you can escape then.