Genki Sudo Merchandise


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Mar 1, 2005
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Where can I buy Genki Sudo stuff, other than his site because the shop is in Japanese
I have his tattoo on my back...but I ain't sellin'!!!

Try Ebay I know my brothers got a few genki sudo shirts and i think they sell masato (sp?) shirts as well , i think the seller is kakuto so im guessing he runs the website to , shippings relativley cheap as well seeing as i live in the UK and it's an american seller .
the one on ebay are most likely counterfiet stuff unless someone can tell me otherwise. I know a few people have said they were of low low quality, and not alot of people have had great lucky with gear from ebay. Alot of issues with cheap/faulty twins gear on ebay, though some good stuff is out there. It's hard to distinguish sometimes.

I got one of the Sudo shirts from Kakuto. A bit pricey, but good quality and service.
yeah thats the point... the only place to get the official sudo shirts are in Japan, and thus they are frikin expensive. thats why I think the ones on ebay are bootlegs cause they arent that expensive.

My twins gloves and shorts are from ebay and there top notch i've not had any trouble with them , not sure about the sudo stuff as i've not seen what there like for japan frankly i don't care for the price and i imgaine shipping will be a bitc hto the UK