Game plan for next opponent.

Chad Hamilton

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Feb 17, 2005
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I'm competing in September and just found out my opponents stats.
Im 6'1" 195... fighting @ 185

He's 5'6" 190

How do I go about dealing with this size difference?
Chad - In the stand-up game I would make sure and use your height and your reach advantage. Keep him on the outside at the ends of your punches. In Boxing we learn that the best thing to do when against a taller man is get inside his reach and bang away.

Plus, he may attempt to bully you, he's going to have an easier time pushing you around actually because he can get up under your arms and lift and push back or pull forward. Low center of gravity works wonders when attempting to wrestle. Being that he's the same weight he might be more muscular, or just fatter, but either way he has more compact use of his bodyweight.

I would keep him on the outside and make him burn a lot of energy to get in close to you. Sprawling when he attempts to take you down in the beginning. Lots of leg-kicks, as your legs are going to be longer and easier to hit him with. Don't necessarily be quick to give up your height and bend your knees too much to fight on his level, that would be precisely what he wants, for you to fight "short" and out of the scope of your natural physical attributes. Jab him into oblivion and set up your shots. Also hit his body from the outside so even with it taking more energy to get close to you, it'll still hurt him to breathe with a sound body-attack. On the inside, knees. Use your long legs to your advantage and knee the bejeezus out of him. And lastly, develope a frightening uppercut. Shorter guys don't usually see that punch coming.

Good luck man.
Thanks King.

I knew I had to keep him at the end of the jab and throw leg kicks.

Thanks for putting that together for me.
No problem Bro. Just remember short guys tend to be like those little stocky dogs. They bark real loud and like to be intimidating, like to bull towards you, usually to make up for their size disadvantage. Or they're usually the opposite, quiet and frightened. But if you hit them hard a couple of times and shut them down they tend to mentally give up pretty quick. Jab him, hit his body a lot, leg-kick his bones out, and he'll do the rest of the work of defeating himself for you until you can land something like a big uppercut.