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Jan 25, 2005
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hey ive started going to the gym, im gonna do 5-6 days a week depending if i have a free day on the weekend. How do i go about gaining muscle mass, someone told me that i must not train the same muscles two days in a row because if you don't give them atleast a day to repair growth is inhibited, will not occur? is this true or bullshit?
Read the stickies now, before the attack begins!!
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ive read the stickies but nothing tells me whether i should train the samel muscle groups two days in a row.
If you want to start with a 6 times a week routine, then you haven't read the stickies.
Sorry guys, dont reply, i googled this and found my answer..... don't flame, i wont do it again lol
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Just kiddin.............for now.

Welcome to the iron game bro. The best advice i can give you is there is a TON of self proclaimed guru's out there in mags and at your gym that have NO idea wtf they are talking about. Although its turned into poon tang central, has beginers guides that are actually pretty good. And theres a few smart people at

If your just starting out ya need to get the basics down. Your first month in the gym dont even worry about how much weight your moving. Just perfect your form on the basic movements and leave your ego at the house.

Anything i can do to help just ask.