Frenzy Fighters?


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Jun 25, 2005
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So I have a decent GnP game and my sumbmission and takedowns are good but my boxing/striking just plain sucks.... Ya I have power and speed and I can box ok i guess but I have real issues with "Frenzy fighters" ya know what I mean those guys that just come out swinging blindly. well my sparring partner for boxing is significatly bigger than me... like 40 pounds so dodging his blows arn't too hard but when he connects they rock me pretty good and put me off balance. How do you go about striking with guys like this????
First off even when you become a good boxer getting hit by a guy that is 40 pounds heavier will still rock your world. "Frenzy fighting" is just a sign of inexperience, sparring without the proper training and supervision is really not a good idea. I think you should consider joining a boxing gym or a MMA facility.
Thats just the thing I have expeirenced Fighters to train with but none of them can box worth a damn. most of us are wrestlers. however im not talking about the guys that flail their arms and hope hit something. Im talkin about the guys that go and just throw a barrage of blows until ur not able to do do you counter something like that without a takedown?
You need to use angles. Side step, pivot. don't stand square.
stay tight, stay low and then spring out with a hook... against an untrained striker, this is unbelievably effective... even against a trained boxer who recklessly throws flurries, this is effective...
You have to make sure that you dont stand still at all and you got to hit back RIGHT AWAY!
let me say yes im a frenzy fighter...with my 6 sec burst of speed i hope to destory or weaken my opp. only thing i will offer u is let them gas out becuase if they cant control it they will just die.