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Aug 29, 2012
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I just saw a bunch of people talking about Mir in another thread and it strikes me that the guy is still criminally underrated.

Interesting fact...he's only lost 3 of his last 10...and all 3 of those fights were title fights against JDS, Carwin and Lesnar.

In my eyes that's very impressive for a guy that was told he would never fight again by the doctors.

What are your views on him?
Average standup, bad cardio and weak chin. I dont like his chances against Cain, Cormier, Barnett, Werdum, Reem.
What's telling to me of his placing (and also his #6 spot on Sherdog) is him going 1-3 against top 10 ranked opponents in his last 10 fights. He beats mid-tier guys, loses to top-tier guys. So his ranking is overrated. As is Bisping's, even more so.

If he's matched against guys in the top 10 more often, then I'll see how good he truly is. He hasn't fought Werdum, Cain, Bigfoot, Overeem, Barnett or Cormier (though Barnett's been impossible and he got injured for the DC fight).
Average standup, bad cardio and weak chin. I dont like his chances against Cain, Cormier, Barnett, Werdum, Reem.

He has pretty good boxing, and either the best or second best (behind Werdum) BJJ in the division.

He won't be champ again but he's still one of the best in the division imo.
Average standup, bad cardio and weak chin. I dont like his chances against Cain, Cormier, Barnett, Werdum, Reem.

I don't think his chin is actually that bad, he took lots of shots from Junior and didn't get finished. In the 2nd round, if he didn't roll the way he did the ref may have let the fight go on, he was for sure rocked, but he rolled the opposite way from Junior and ate a hammerfist while doing so and the ref stopped it. He gets tagged often is all, he also took tons of shots from Carwin before going out and lots from Lesnar before going out.

He just doesn't defend himself well enough when he gets hit and can't always overcome his opponent when he gets swarmed, plus, these are heavyweights. That's A LOT of power hitting you in the face.

His stand-up is actually decent as well, not great but he gets by fine imo. Definitely an underrated fighter.

I actually really like Mir as a fighter. He's not the best HW around, but he's been a top 10 for a long time and sometimes in the top 5, I'll give respect where it's due. Mir is very skilled.
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I do think he's underrated. It really depends on exactly where you put him.

He's in a weird spot: Above guys like Nelson by a good head and shoulders but below guys like JDS by an equal amount.

I do think he doesn't get enough credit to WHO he's lost to in his last 3 losses (mostly because 2 of those 3 guys don't get much credit these days, and if jds loses his next fight, suddenly he won't get any credit either)

But Frank Mir is and has been a solid top 10, sometimes top 5 fighter for a long time. I give him a chance against anyone and have him as the favorite against anyone ranked 6 through 10 in the top 10.

I think he'd beat Werdum and Bigfoot. It's only the true best like Cain, JDS, and Reem that would beat him.
All he has at this moment is his mouth and tbh after his recent beatings which btw were overdue, he doesnt even have that. I dont like his plastic threats, about breaking JDS limbs if he gets them after his nog win, the trash talk against Reem who he would faint against etc the guy is a joke.
He's a good fighter, with great BJJ. He just has alot of trouble adjusting to adverse situations mid fight. When he couldn't land that takedown on JDS early in the first round, you could tell he basically threw up his hands. He's very good at making adjustments between fights and is very intelligent and honest about his weaknesses, it's hard to beat him the same way twice. But probably his biggest problem is overconfidence after he has success. Coming off big wins he thinks he's invincible and even during the Carwin fight, he said he was celebrating in his head for stopping a takedown. But if he can get a consistent training camp behind him he will be a top level contender.
I actually dont think he has a "weak chin" I think he just doesnt react well to getting hit. He seems to crumple easily and maybe doesnt have the greatest recovery. Sometimes it looks as if his head movement is great and other times it looks like he is just standing in front of people. Brendan Schaub is the only UFC HW that i think has a below average Jaw. Its hard to judge HW's chins because they all hit so damn hard!
He's okay

Beat Nelson and Kongo at stand up so not as shabby as most think

Division passing him by a little
His chin is pretty underrated too.

Lasted until the 2nd round with JDS, took many heavy shots.

Got rocked from a shot to the TEMPLE from Nogueira.

Got hit with some of the most vicious uppercuts ever by Shane Carwin and still didn't go out straight away.

Got hit with many many hard shots from Lesnar before going out.

People act like he's got a Brendan Schaub chin.
he surely is a great fighter, somehow always liked the guy
If his chin/reaction to getting hit wasn't as bad as it is, he could be #1. There's conflicting evidence though. He loses by TKO's but at the same time lasted against CroCop, Nelson, and even Lesnar/JDS for a good while before he took too much damage. The dos Santos stoppage though.... Eh.... Idk.

Of course this is coming from a big fan of his. He's probably my favorite guy but I still try to be real. He's always been up at the top and even worked his way back up after almost never coming back. I do only see him fighting a few more times though. The new HW division just seems like too much for him.
He's great and what he did to Brock was unexpected by newcomers to show how technique CAN over come size and strength.

I think his skills are tremendous but he's drawing near the end IMO. I will never forget him outstriking NOG I was shocked by that. I'm gonna miss a big ass HW doing little man BJJ on opponents and snapping arms off like Tim Sylvia's.
People can rip all they want. He's one of the best UFC HW's of all-time, like it or not.
The amount of shit Mir gets on these forums.....
Frank is in a tough spot. He's well above gate keeper status but I just don't feel like he's a legitimate contender. He has great performances where I think to myself "alright, he's back" and then he comes back with a fight where I'm wondering "what the fuck where you thinking?" He has the ability to sub anyone in the division and his stand up has looked pretty crisp. When he puts it all together with the right game plan, he can beat anyone in the division.

I also think he'd do well to get his weight back down and get out of his Lesnar/Carwin mode and work on his speed for Cain/JDS types.
Most people put him about 6th in their HW rankings behind Cain, JDS, Overeem, Comier and Werdum (some include Barnett). That seems pretty fair, though in a way it 'under rates' Mir, because those who he is better than, he is SIGNIFICANTLY better than. It seems at times he is on the threshold of the elite, but he isn't quite good enough to be champ again.

Amazing BJJ, decent striking, average chin, suspect willpower/fight IQ, poor cardio.

If he could rectify his inability to adjust when things are going badly, or fix his cardio issues (preferably both) he'd be much more complete.
Frank is definitely over rated!
He is definitely below these fighters in ranking:
Shane Carwin
Stefan Struve
Josh Barnett
and probably
Roy Nelson
Gonzaga (yes Gabriel Gonzaga)
Sergei Kharitonov
Bigfoot Silva
and others.