Four BJJ Partner Drills by Shaolin

Good stuff. Thanks as always for the info.

One question, on the gaurd pass drill, are you actually pressing your partner's legs to the ground as you would in the real pass or just using them to base as you pass from side to side?
does shaolin visit you often or did he just visit you once and youre slowly showing us all his material?
Shaolin came to Vancouver only once and I did a lengthy interview and photo shoot with him. I ended up splitting this interview into two pieces, and published one in Black Belt and the other in Grappling. The Grappling piece took a long time to get published (they changed editors in midstream).

I wish I could train with him more often

Stephan Kesting
man, those are all basics... everything they do and tip are basics.. they look so simple but those are the exact moves they use in the mundials.. its amazing.. :D

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