For all you loosers out there~


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Jul 26, 2002
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Look who has taken back his board. Well Art's better half has helped him dominate once again!:rolleyes:
Hey, you guys like personal run downs. I have been married to Art for 8years. I have stawberry blonde hair ( light red) and blue eyes. I am 111lbs and 5'3". There know you know what Art's wife looks like. I have met Tanner who does Sherdog web sight and a few others at the fights.
Oh. I am so sorry I tlooks like I am taking over the board again. Please help I can't stop my self. Oh well.
Ok, I was going to show Art how good I did for him but, you messed it all up because my computer is slower. So whatever!!!!
SOunds good. Just show him. he needs to know it is in good hands. you keep figthing though. It was like Nog vs Jo son match up
Originally posted by JIMPANZEE
Pay for it then you cheap ass

Then Art has to win that belt first..........

Fighter's wife: Can you already say with certainty wheter Art is fighting for that 185 lbs. belt or not???
We know who and when he is fighting. The belt does ntohave a holder it is stil talk that this will be for the belt. We will see!!! That part is still up in the air.