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Oct 16, 2005
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whats up grapplers of all kinds wrestlers, judoka's,jjers, sambo men, everyone. I got a question what move is really ur bread and butter move. u know that move that seems effortless and usually has the best results. the move u seem to tap guys with, use to take guys down with or just transition with. just write down what art u practise or more than one if u cross train and what ur bread and butter move is
I train in BJJ, I pull off the helicopter sweep alot in no gi and gi, I use it alot and it works like 80% of the time. Also the kimura from the north/south position, I"ve gotten so many taps from that.
getting the back and doing the rear naked choke or getting an armbar. More than half of the matches i have won in tourneys have been via RNC
I like the single leg dump for a takedown. As for submissions, when the chips are down I usually find myself relying on my mighty triangle choke. :D
I land triangle chokes more than anything. After learning a few new techniques, namely arm dragging and drilling that a lot, I'm getting surprisingly good and taking the back and landing a rear naked as well.
I like trying for a kimura from the guard then going for the hip bump sweep into mount. Unfortunately, not every good in submissions yet so I pretty much mount and hold.
i do alot of omoplatas but mostly to transition to better positions, i never even try to get a tap from it.
My transition from the RNC to the armbar to triangle is very effective. I have never had anyone escape it.
side control by far
then I attack the far arm, preferably by armbar, occasionally by keylock if they're new or just not paying attention
Bjj- Would be the ankle lock from the elevator sweep, sets it up perfect! Or taken the back from the half guard! Old school sweep from the half guard! Or Triangle Chokes from the guard! Really getting better with the flower sweep and armbar combo from the guard!

I can't really decide what technique I like best!

I really don't tap people that much. But when I do, it's with armbar or triangle usually.