Foot Injuries


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Feb 15, 2005
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I'm 31 years old and have never had any broken bones, ligaments, etc in my life and within a week, I got a stress fracture on the bottom of my right foot and a torn ligament (planter fascia) on my left foot. Both came from knee spikes against my kicks while sparring and both are painful as hell!

It sucks not being able to train now. Has anyone had either before and if so, how long have you been out? The doctor told me that the ligament would heal itself as long as I stay off it but if I press too hard, it could tear all the way through and that would require 6-9 months recovery which isn't an exciting option.

Thanks in advance for any advice!
Stay off of it! Don't try to be stubborn, you may tear it to where you can't walk and need surgery.
The best thing you can do for yourself is let it completely heal, otherwise you will screw yourself over in the long run
yeah don't make an injury worse; I once turned a 6 week recovery into a 2yr pain in the arse
are you sure that the left is a planter fascia injury, ive only heard of them being repetive stress injuries but if it is your pf then the bad news is your fucked for a while, I got it from running and made it worse by trying to train through the pain HUGE mistake, HUGE the good news is that a combined treatment of a night splint, ice, rest and mabye the most important thig is to get you some GOOD arch supports the full plastic kind ( dont know if you have a good feet store in your area but they make some good ones) and keep your shoes by the bed and never walk in bare feet or with sandles especally first thing in the morning, also ive found stretching my calfs and hams w/the yoga pose downward dog to be really helpfull, oh yeah did I mention your fucked for a while it took me aprox. 9 mo to heel and i still wrap it w/ an ace bandage in an X fassion across the arch to support it while running.