Flying Omoplata demo

Sep 10, 2002
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Props to Sequana Academy Belgium.

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Never seen this anywhere else. Thoughts?!
instead of a clip of him doing the move 3 times at the same speed, it would be good for him to break it down with audio, so we could actually learn it
Nino Shembri did this move a long time tournament! maybe not the exact same but he was doing standing omoplatas years ago
Looks like a cool thing to do to a salesman trying to shake your hand...
I'm waiting for someone to pull of the flying gogoplata!
that was icnredible and a sure way to get sub of the night and year and possible century
Very impressive, be tough to get on a resisting opponent however.
Man, I've been so afraid of getting caught in this that I have been devoting all my training time to learning how to defend against it...
I saw this done at a tournament in Pittsburgh, recently. It was pretty slick.
Oh great. Tonight everytime one of the young guys graps a sleeve I'm going to have this in my mind.
Even better, when I saw it, the guy hit the flying omoplata in no gi, without sleeve grip. Like I said, it was pretty slick.
Crazy move!

I agree it would have been nice to see a step by step breakdown of this move.

I have always heard people talking about the "flying" omoplat...but always as a joke, here is proof that it can be done!

Actually in gi, this looks like a move that could be pulled off...
With the lack of sleeve/grip control in no-gi not to sure about the application there...but for gi this looks like it could really work

thanks for the video