Flat feet causing problems. . .


Jun 30, 2005
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I have flat feet which means I have little or no arc in my foot. Sometimes, just a short walk can make my feet sore. When I am jogging, it's not my lungs that stop me, it's my feet that make me stop. I have been wearing Dr. Scholls inserts but these really don't help.

I was wondering if any of you guys have this problem or know of a solution?
I have the flattest feet I've ever seen. I've always hated running because I was no good at it, and I finally found out why when someone told me "Man, you have some flat ass feet."

So now I keep my running to sprint-distances, and get my conditioning through other means. I'm in the best shape of my life, too.

Sometimes it's the simple things you never notice...

If there is a solution, I haven't found it. I find wearing flat soled shoes helps for day-to-day stuff, though.
You need to get custom made orthotic inserts for your shoes. Generic inserts from the store don't work. Talk to a Podiatrist or certain chiropractors, they'll make a mold from your feet for the custom orthotic. Afterwards, you need to buy the proper shoes so that the custom orthotic functions properly.
It could also be muscle knots in your feet... deep inside the arch.. they will hurt a lot when pressed hard on. Knots on the inside of your calf muscles can also cause pain in your feet.
I have feet like skis..flat and long.

I run 3-4 times a week and could not do it if it was not for the custom orthodotics I got a few years ago.
go to a store which focuses soley(no pun intended) on running shoes
Just go to a running store, have them do a gait analysis (it takes all of two minutes jogging on a treadmill while they video tape you) then they will go and say "you should get these type of shoes".

I have incredibly flat feet, literally whenever we do any warm ups in jiu-jitsu my feet audibly make this loud smack everytime I move. They almost kept me out of joining the military too. But you know I eventually got up to running distances from 6-10 miles.

I just got the right running shoes for MY feet. Its that simple. You don't have to go into all these orthotics and so forth (they can help for sure though) but any person who wants to run on a regular basis needs to get shoes made specifically for them.

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Running shoes + Foot sole pads are the best!
I have flat feet and running has never really caused any sort of discomfort for me? Maybe mine aren't as "severe" as most? lol
i have flat feet and i have the same problem when i run.. my feet hurt and stop me from running... sometimes both my feet and my calf hurt ALOT
Go to a podiatrist and get some orthotics made.

I have extremely flat feet and the custom orthotics have done wonders for my ability to run, especially on hard surfaces.
Having flat feet myself I can say this from exp. Running in the wrong shoe, will eventually lead to other problems. If you have insurance see a podiatrists and get orthotics if that's what you you need. If you don't have insurance, go to a running store and have them assist you. Like a previous poster suggested. If you can afford BOTH, get the proper shoes and orthotics. :D