First valetudo class (afraid of strikes?)


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Nov 10, 2003
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Hello everyone, i practice BJJ, and altought i have basic/intermediate knowledge in grappling (position, submisions, escapes, etc) , yestarday i had my first "valetudo" class.

We began standing up logically, and altought i feeled confortable kicking and punching, i was afraid to enter in a trade range, and get hitten, i was heavier than my opponent but when he rushed to me landing punches i walked backwards, is it normal? do you think it's a practice problem (i mean, that i need to train more "valetudo" to minimize this "fear")?

PD: Please don't tell me that i cross train in other style because i have no time to do it.

Thank you in advance
Sorry to tell you this but the only way to improve your striking is to train in it, boxing is the best to get used being hit in the head. And even then after a long layoff striking the same fear of getting hit can return if you dont keep training.
If your worried about getting hit then shoot on the guy or go for a quick sub. Of course there will be some sorta fear about getting smacked in the face the first coupla times.
it is very normal to be afarid to trade. when i train you look at me hitting pads ive got pretty good speed and some ok power. but when it comes time to do mma style sparring i tend back pedal try for a takedown and if i dont get it pull guard. the more you get hit the more youll be used to it and willing to hit back. it will take time. hitting pads just wont do it its not the same. pads cant simulate what the other persons reaction will be.
It's good to be afraid if you use it in a positive manner. I never like to exchange strikes in vale tudo training. I always go for the takedown, especially from the clinch (back problems :( ). Train evading the strikes, closing the distance and entering the clinch. Or simply shooting a takedown, set up my kicks (not entering his punching distance...).
The best tool to minimize fear of getting hit is to get ahold of Rodney King
Damn...every time somebody brings up the Crazy Monkey stuff I keep thinking Rodney King from the LA Riots...and his "crazy monkey" defence against police batons!
Yup, that other Rodney sure was one crazy monkey! :)

Seriously, many of Rodney
I train at Straight Blast Gym (where your link heads you to) and that's the system our MMA guys tend to train with. From what I've seen, it works pretty well. A lot of guys join the striking classes with no prior experience and don't feel too threatened because we teach the defense pretty well. I, myself, have not had the chance to train with any form of standup yet as I am currently focusing at least a year and a half or so on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
OK, in Gracie Barra we train mostly for real life situations and less for competition JiuJitsu, and there is an EXCELLENT drill for losing fear of getting hit:
stand in front of the other guy, about a foot,a foot and a half away, depending on how long your arms are. Now you will punch over his left shoulder with your right hand as he punches over your left shoulder with his right hand, then you will pull the arm back and do the same thing with the other arm over the other shoulder. Do it slowly at first then more quickly until you are doing it as quickly as possible. Keep your head straight and your eyes open. Occasionally slap the other guy
When im adrenaline is going and i dont feel shots anyways..just inexperience..simple as that!
you'll get used to it in a week or two and the more you train the better it will be so yea its just the matter of training
i had the same problem when i started boxing and my trainer noticed came up to me, punched me hard in the head and asked if that hurt i said no although it shook me up but after that it was a lot easier for some reason
get in there and mix it up , defend, bob and weave , counter strike, be aggressive, be passive.
try some of it all in my opinion, see how it alls feels and start looking for your weaknesses and improve on the strong points.
when i hit the ground i tend to be real defensive and protect my head and wait on the guy to make a mistak, then i go for top position, i come from bjj also, but i have boxed some.
i dont hink many people like to get hit, but you have to learn that it does and will happen.

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