First triathlon!



Just done my first triathlon, was a sponsered one for kickboxing, about 20 people too part i think, only a small one. 1 mile swim, 5km run and 10km bike ride, did my swim in 29 minutes, my run in 27 minutes and my bike ride in 18 minutes and came first! rather proud of myself, all that swimming has paid off :)
Nice job! I think it'd be cool to participate in something like that. How long have you been specifically training for it?
I only had like 4 weeks to train for it, so just pushed myself to the limit every time i trained. The run and bike is the bit where everybody competes, if you can get to a decent level of swimming, your sailing away with it, really enjoyed it was a great experiance!
Cool, I want to try a couple of those short triathalons this summer. Long term I'd like to do at least a 1/2 ironman at some point, but right now I train mostly for kickboxing.

What kind of bike you got? My cheapness (not fitness) in that area seems to be what is holding me back from actually competing.
Lmao, dont worry about the bike mate, i used my dads SUPER old racing bike, its paint eroded that much that i cant even see what make it is, all i know is its at least 10-15 years old probably ;P As long as you train hard enough its you that wins it, not the bike!

What kind of swimming was it? Pool, sea, lake? I think I'm going to do something similar during the summer, but a mile in the actual sea seems kind of tough (even if I somehow manage to measure it).