First Tourney


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Jun 23, 2005
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I have my first tournament tomorrow. I've only been training about 3 months so I'm pretty nervous. Any last minute words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated.
stick to what you know, dont go crazy, stay calm, stay focused even if things are not going well.
the first takedown is the first score, go for it
Stay calm and have fun. When in doubt, use the force.
Make sure you bring clothes to keep you warm between matches. Don't want to get cold and sometimes you have to wait a long time before it's your turn.
MP3 player helps....and a friend who will listen for your name being called...I've lost 3 matches by forfiet cause i didn't hear my name........
Keep you mind clear so you can listen to your coach for instructions. Is it a gi match? If so, you'll have a tendency to overgrip and you'll lose your grip strength, so keep any eye out for that. Most of all, stick with what you know and be confident.

Best of luck.
Yeah, I also recommend to bring a mp3 player. You'l be waiting for a while, well at least I had to. Good luck though dude, I also had my first tourney with only 3 months under my belt
Carb load the night before, go in hydrated with something light in your stomach. Don't spazz, and BREATHE. Remember, it's just fun, don't take a lose personally.
It's not going to help you for this tournament, but see if you can get someone to video tape it for you.
like everyone said, RELAX. make sure you go for points and not just submissions. Once again, be relaxed and dont go at it like a bat out of hell, because you just might have more matches. Good Luck
Stay calm (no need to panic)...remember the basics, if your in the mount or have your opponent guard, just remember to isolate, keep it simple, from guard I would just concentrate on sweeping first, and armbar/triangle 2nd...if you're on the mount...isolate a side of his body, forearm on the neck or toy with gi chokes to keep them guessing, then bam...arm bar those mugs.

that's what I tried to do in my first tourney....BASICS. :)
Good luck my man, you mind me asking where this tourny is at?
GOOD LUCK MAN.. post your results when you get back..
Hey, good luck. Just relax, it's all about having fun man.
Thanks for all the advice. It went a lot better than I could have expected. I tried to stay calm and focus on the basics and my breathing. But when you get out there everything changes.
I won my first one, lost the second, won the third, and lost the fourth to be eliminated. My first loss was to an arm bar. I was being careless and basically gave it up. My second loss almost went the time limit, and I was contemplating not tapping even though he had a choke in really tight. I tapped when I couldn't breathe because everything went black. After the match I realized I would have had to hold out about another two minutes, when I thought the time was up in just a few more seconds.
I won on a triangle and an arm bar. That's a good feeling.
Overall it was a great experience and I'm ready for some more.

Thanks again.