First Day Of School


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Jan 23, 2004
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So at the ripe young age of 32, I've started training BJJ, today was my first day at Showtime Jiu Jitsu studying under Javi Vazquez.

Just like life itself there were ups and downs in my training session. Somethings came easier than others, with others having a small advantage. While I did require a short nap before going to pick up my daughter at school, I feel amazing. I'm so glad that I was able to put my doubts aside and start on this amazing journey.

Props to Javi and Andrew, my training partner.
I've always meant to go down there sometime but I can never make it work out. Happen to know the rates of the place or care to share how much your plan is? I'm mainly wondering how much his unlimmited training is.
I hate all of you people in Cali that get to train with all these great guys. Damn you.

Incidentally. I hear Vasquez integrates wrestling and BJJ very well at his school, can you comment on this?
I wish I was in Cali!!! NYC also has it's great trainers, but they are very over-priced
Superbeast said:
Incidentally. I hear Vasquez integrates wrestling and BJJ very well at his school, can you comment on this?

I've only had one class so far so I can only speak from my experience today, but I would have to say yes. In fact, we even did some work against the wall for setting up singles and doubles. It's probably easier for my nooby ass to learn them that way first, than to be out in the middle of the floor.

I signed up for a 1-year contract, $120 for registration which included a Golden Tiger gi. I'll be paying $60/month, I can only go once a week. It's $120 for 2 times a week and $150 for unlimited.

The rates are different if you don't sign a contract of course. The schedule looks like this:
nothing like the first class, i almost passed out, i was so exited i forgot to keep breathing

welcome, the addiction starts now...........................
ladydank said:
where in california is it at? inland empire?

The school is in La Habra, just north of Brea. North Orange County.
today my training partner couldn't hold me down from the side guard and transition to the mount, so javier comes over to show him on me. He weighs around 160 and i weigh like 275. i dont know what he did but it hurt. he did the same thing to my partner and he was cracking his jaw the whole class and had to stop because of it, and he is like 230. he is a bad man