finding right intensity - first day


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Nov 15, 2006
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I'm about to do my first day of that deadly middle eastern art, jew jitsu. I've heard this place will usually have you roll a good bit your first day, which is cool with me. I love to wrestle, and I'm not too bad at it for someone untrained.

So my question is, when rolling, is it cool to go pretty hard as far as sweeps and positioning is concerned and just take it easy/pure technique with the subs? Or should I one hundred percent only try using the techniques they show me for position too.

I ask because wrestling/grappling/w/e is a lot of fun for me, and I don't wanna get to into it to not learn from it. Buttt, I don't want to get so into improving that I don't have fun either.

Anywho, any advice is appreciated. I'm excited.:D
Chances are you might not be bad at wrestling for somone untrained, but your horrible at wrestling from the staindpoint of somone who is. I think it is an inevatbility that all new kids are going to go hard as hell on their first day--they want to prove they are dedicated, prove they are tough, ect. ect. I can sit here and tell you not to act like a spazz, but reguardless, when that testosterone starts pumping for the first time, your prob going to go hard.

Youll just learn overtime that going really hard 100% of the time is just going to gas you out and probably get you submitted. But everyone pretty much figures this out themselves.
Yeah, first day just have fun. A lot of people hate first day spazzes, but it is part of the learning process. Plus, you don't have technique... so what else are you going to do but use instincts and just try and do what you can. I say give it your best shot, but be careful and mindful of your training partners. In other words be sure that you don't kick, elbow or headbutt anybody and if you do get a submission on someone, DO NOT CRANK IT!
The first day you will invariably freak out and it's like Slavic strength training...but your weights are trying to strangle you. You wont realise how sore you are until you wake up the next day...and then you will learn a valuable lesson...

yeah i went balls to the wall on my first session and threw up everywhere, and i also couldnt get out of bed in the morning i was so stiff