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Feb 22, 2005
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Alright suckas, you asked for it, so here it is. The Benny Urquidez Highlight video.

Now of course there's footage in it from the video Aaron posted, so bear with me. And yes the black parts of the video are SUPPOSED to be there, before anyone tells me I've fucked up the editing. It's pretty long, and I got A LOT of footage of Benny training because I wanted you guys to see that he wasn't just some guy who got lucky a lot. His training methods are very refined and detailed to do the specific things he was able to do in the ring.

So respect your Martial Forefathers bitches.

I also plan to do one for Don "The Dragon" Wilson if I can find enough footage. So far all I have is him knocking Branco Cikatic (sp) the fuck out. Maybe even Billy Blanks and Bill Wallace as well from their early full-contact careers.

Oh and as a special treat I also re-did my George Foreman highlight video to contain more footage from his older days. This is the Grand-daddy you FEAR, and don't smart-talk.

Up next, for those interested, will be none other than "The Manassa Mauler" himself, Jack Dempsey.
which one is wanderlei silva?

wtf? no wanderlei?

@kk :/

(kidding lol)
Nope, He's got enough Highlight videos of his own. I think this is the first and ONLY ones for both Benny and Big George if I'm not mistaken.
Pretty sweet vid, KK...been so long since I've seen or heard anything about Benny that I almost forgot why he was the man back then. Were there *ANY* contemporaries of his in PKA/full contact karate/kickboxing who could dominate in kicking AND punching the way he did? I can't think of any off the top of my head; it's no wonder he had the success he had.

I seem to recall when he got out of the fight game he opened The Jet Center and was mostly only training fighters with serious aspirations for being top-ranked amateur or pro fighters; any big names come out of that school?
Not that I know of. He started to train a lot of Hollywood people for stunts and Films, which became his second claim-to-fame. Unfortunately the whole Kickboxing craze ended pretty early. I wish it hadn't but for a while in the 80's all you heard about was fighting, then like from the very late 80's until the first UFC came out it was pretty bleak. Things still went on, just no one outside the Martial Community cared.

What I was reminded of about Benny is how fearlessly he pressed the action. And of all Arts, KARATE being his bread-and-butter. Someone said he did exceptionally well because of his exceptional Boxing skills. I beg to differ, there's not a whole lot exceptional about his Boxing skills if you watch other than that he threw without regard of being hit. Plus he did some things VERY FEW...and I mean VERY FEW people in current fight sports do.

He tried shit out in the ring. And because he wasn't scared (even in matches that allowed for throws and clinches) to be thrown or clinched. Spinning kicks, tying in kicks to punching combinations (a lost Art), being close enough to your man to hurt him when you throw, unloading 10-12 punch combinations, and exceptional conditioning, as well as a decent chin are what made Benny what he was.
The most impressive thing in the video to me is the hip throw...

Damn that was pretty.

Who woulda thunk Benny had such a nice hip toss?
You saw him bust that double-leg in the Karate moment of the video as well. Benny was actually pretty schooled in Judo. I don't think learning submissions would have been too much of a problem for him if he didn;t already know them (Judo has it's share).
Excellent job Kabuki! Growing up, Benny was like a rock star. What a well rounded fighter, and that jump back spinning kick was just sooo freakin' nice.
That was a nice vid man. Next time you should think about throwing in some footage from his movies! He has a great fight scene with Jackie Chan but I can't seem to recall what movie it was in, and if I'm not mistaken I think he has a good fight scene with John Cusak in Gross Pointe Blank.

Check out the filmography:

*Edit, the Jackie Chan movie is 'Dragons Forever', good stuff.
Yeah, I've seen most if not all of his movie stuff, and it's great. But I wanted this video to be particular to competition and fighting. A film HL reel would be a completely different animal.
His fight scene with Cusack rocked. In fact, that whole movie pretty much rocked.
Got a chance to watch it this morning. Thanks. It was great.
good shit dawg!!!!
even tho i had to search for the muthafucka!! hahaha
benny will always be the man!!!
Gregster said:
Were there *ANY* contemporaries of his in PKA/full contact karate/kickboxing who could dominate in kicking AND punching the way he did? I can't think of any off the top of my head; it's no wonder he had the success he had.

Howard Jackson was incredible but he had bad luck with a freak
knee injury, and more recently, with cancer.