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Apr 18, 2005
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Alright so I am going to be doing an MMA tournament (hosted by my instructor) and I was wondering who makes the best fight shorts... I was thinking about getting something from Tapout or Sprawl, but is there anyother big names?
I've never worn the nogi shorts but own a pair of original sprawl shorts and love them. No complaints and they are no too pricey.
this should be in gear/equipment

go with anything like sprawl- tapout- fcfighter- nogi usa
You have to get the new O6 Competition Series Sprawl shorts, they are amazing, no other shorts, not even other sprawl shorts (which sprawl are the best in my oppinion) can even compare to them. I have the red ones, and they are sweet! Gotta love the adjustable elastic like waistband that is loose yet snug at the same time, no worries of falling down. They are fully adjustable with a draw string that goes all the way around the waist. These are the most comfortable shorts I own, and I dont just mean fight shorts, Im talking shorts in general.
Clinchgear shorts they're on sale right now and from what I hear they rule. I just ordered a pair :D
I own several pair of Sprawl shorts. The new 06 flexfighters or xt's are very comfortable. If I was going to get something other than Sprawl I would go with Nogi for sure.
As I said in another thread...
It's an honor to be put up there with SPRAWL as the best in the buisiness.

Thanks for the support guys.
The No Gi shorts are nice but $50..damn..Go with sprawl..Nicer and 20 bucks cheaper
If you want loose Sprawl is the way to go..If you want Vale Tudo Style I say go with The BTT $40 you just cant beat that plus there really durable
"The No Gi shorts are nice but $50..damn..Go with sprawl..Nicer and 20 bucks cheaper"

Show me Sprawls best shorts and show me $20 less

Then compare material
Off topic but is there a fake Chris Brennan?

There is not a $20 difference. For Sprawls non comp models it's 38.50 for the comp models it's 42.50 (the only difference being the comp models have Sprawl embroidered really big on the leg). Nogi is $44-48. Then again sprawl originals (still a nice pair) are only 32.50. I have never worn the nogi but they look very nice and Monson says good things about tem as well.
I have worn both and the nogi is much nicer feeling (material and cut for me is better). I also like that I look different then everybody else in my gym when I wear the nogi (or my HCK) over the Sprawl. All three brands are damn good shorts.